Selfie High Five Is a Thing Now

And cracked phone screens, too.

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  • Monday, 10 October 2016
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Selfie High Five Is a Thing Now
Images: @xMarcellox12 & @TOSUBUCK (Twitter)
The Internet is being all weird and crazy again. This time, the Internet gods have issued its latest WTF mandate in the form of the Selfie High Five.

The trend began when Twitter user @TOSUBUCK attempted to take a selfie of him high-fiving himself and uploaded the result for the world to see.
And just like that, a viral trend was born. To date, over 380 thousand impressed social media users have liked his photo, which has also been shared more than 150 thousand times. Sure enough, others decided to join in on the foolishness as well. Some succeeded, albeit after a gazillion tries and with a blurry mess:
Then there are some who decided to stand out from the crowd by injecting their own posing flair into the trend:
Some also discovered that the Selfie High Five is not as easy as merely throwing your phone into the air while high-fiving yourself:
Finally, there's this dude, possibly the one with the most common sense of the lot, who realised that he could end up destroying his phone and decided to play it safe:
Are you going to attempt this? If you are, comment with your picture!

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