Japan Is Set To Open A Five-Storey 'Adult Theme Park' Staffed Entirely By AV Stars 😳

OK, Japan, you win.

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Japan Is Set To Open A Five-Storey 'Adult Theme Park' Staffed Entirely By AV Stars 😳

We have a feeling that this theme park will be a winner.

Japan is the land of theme parks: from Universal Studios to Disneyland to hilltop theme parks that are centuries old, there are plenty to choose from if you want to have a little fun in the Land of the Rising Sun.

And soon, we can add another theme park to the list and this one, it's different.

So different that we have a feeling your S/O will not allow you to step foot inside.

All for your pleasure

According to a report by Soranews24, Japan is set to open a "theme park for adults" - as in, a theme park for adults to go in and check out naughty stuff.

The theme park will be operated by Soft On Demand (SOD), a Japanese adult video producer.

Located in the red light district of Kabukicho, the theme park called 'SOD Land' will boast five floors, and each floor comes with a different theme.

Trust Japan to make this look cute.
The basement of the complex will be the 'Newcomer Adult Film Actress Floor', where you will be served by adult actresses who will be featuring in their SOD debut in a standing bar environment.

On the first floor, you'll find the information counter and a place to settle your bills, as well as a gift shop, gacha capsule machines and a photo sticker booth (apparently Japan is still pretty high on this).

The second floor, the 'Kakubutsu Salon’, is where the naughty starts. On this floor, you can drink with women who work in the fuzoku industry, and that includes hostess bars, erotic massage, and other entertainment services that are basically very haram.  

In a little mood for some fun?
The third floor, known as the 'Famous Adult Actress Floor', is where you get to mingle, have some drinks and "become friends" with the company's major on-screen talents.

And finally, the fourth floor houses the 'Silent Bar', where swimwear-clad SOD actresses mix drinks for customers behind a one-way mirror. Apparently, patrons are not allowed to talk in here because they want them to "quietly contemplate the view". 

Very interesting indeed.

A theme park unlike any other.
If you're interested to pay SOD Land a visit (after getting permission from your S/O, of course), they will be opening on 10 October.

They will be an admission fee of 500 yen (RM19.80), and you would have to pay for the food and drinks that you order during your stay in the theme park.

So, see you all at SOD Land soon?

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