This Innovative Malaysian Is Selling A Bouquet Made Out Of Sambal

Cute idea by innovative agent.

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This Innovative Malaysian Is Selling A Bouquet Made Out Of Sambal
Malaysians love their sambal. 

We have roti canai with sambal, prawn mee with sambal, nasi lemak with sambal, rice dishes with sambal - basically anything also can telan as long as there's a little bit of sambal on the side. 

This is probably how innovative sambal distributer 29-year-old Siti Roslinda came up with the idea to create a sambal bouquet!


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Yup, you read that right. 

An usual order

Speaking to Rojak Daily, the bubbly Roslinda, who is a distributer for Sambal Budak Camping said that the idea sparked after a client came to her with an interesting request. 

"The client told me that she wanted to put together a spicy sambal package for a friend's birthday.

"This person obviously loves sambal so after considering making a hamper or a gift set, I suddenly thought of how cute it would be to send her a sambal bouquet!" she said. 

Roslinda added that the client loved the idea, and so she went ahead and made it. 


"Whoever imagined giving a sambal bouquet to your loved one? It's so unique kan!

"When we delivered the bouquet, the birthday girl loved it too!" exclaimed Roslinda.

Roslinda said that after posting a picture of the bouquet on social media, she got quite a lot of good feedback but no repeat orders so far.

"Perhaps it will take some time. Meanwhile, I'm excited about putting together a few more out-of-the-box ideas soon,"she said.

So what do you think guys? 

Flowers and chocolates seem so boring next to this creative bouquet right? 

If you'd like to custom make a sambalicious gift set or order a sambal bouquet, head on over to Roslinda's Instagram page

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