Timberland Launches A New Line Made From Recycled Material, And It's Awesome!

Fashion with a cause.

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Timberland Launches A New Line Made From Recycled Material, And It's Awesome!

Looks good, doesn't it?

Whether you believe it or not, climate change is real.

We may not see it, but we can definitely feel it, as global warming has been wreaking havoc on the environment for the past few years now.

There are a lot of brands out there who are doing their part to help save the environment, and one of them is Timberland.

A sustainable fashion line

Timberland’s 'Nature Needs Heroes' campaign is the rallying cry for generations to come.

Timberland has used their Fall/Winter collection to build from the brand’s successful 'My First Eco Kicks' campaign with the return of the Earthkeepers® Edition products.

Now thirteen years on, Timberland is proud to reintroduce the Earthkeepers® platform, which remains true to its recycled and eco-conscious design started from the Earthkeepers® Original boot in 2007, with a whole new eco-innovative approach this year.

The products are safer for the environment.
Their new Earthkeepers® Edition (EK+) footwear and apparel line promise to set new standards for Timberland and empower the brand to achieve their vision of making a Net Positive impact on the planet by 2030.

These products, according to Timberland, use materials sourced from farms that use regenerative practices to help soil absorb carbon, retain water and restore biodiversity.

They are made with renewable natural materials (not fossil fuels), sourced from farms using responsible land management practices. Or they are made using materials that are 100 per cent recycled.

The first drop under the Earthkeepers® Edition banner are the Ecoriginal EK+ 6′′Waterproof Boots (available for men and women), featuring military-styled straps, camouflage prints and quilted technical weaves.

The brainchild of creative Director Christopher Raeburn, they’re made to last with Better Leather from a tannery rated silver for responsible environmental practices by the Leather Working Group.

The TimberDry waterproof linings are made of 50 per cent recycled plastic, helping to keep your feet dry and plastic out of landfills. The Responsible Natural Rubber used in these soles does not contribute to rainforest deforestation.

Not just that, Timberland also applied the same philosophy in their Earthkeepers® Edition apparel offerings.

The Ecoriginal EK+ Waterproof Fishtail Parka, also influenced by Christopher Raeburn’s “RAEMADE” philosophy, is made using Timberland’s exclusive TimberDry waterproof lining and a ReBOTLTM fabric shell.

Both the linings and shell are made entirely of recycled plastic. Even the zippers and trims are made of recycled materials.

Honouring the ambitious goal of Timberland’s commitment to plant 50 million trees by 2025, the brand also releases the Tree Pack Collection including Timberland® Premium 6-Inch Tree Pack Quilted Boots crafted with ReBOTLTM fabric and Heritage Tees that are made with organically-grown cotton.

A range of fleece bomber jackets, sweatshirts, tees, quilted bottoms and cargo pants round out the menswear and womenswear designs, all of which combine waterproof or breathable construction with significant amounts of recycled cotton, wool, polyester and nylon fabrics.

We don't know about you, but for a fashion line made entirely out of recycled or sustainable material, they look really good.

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