Here's How You Can Earn Up To RM1mil In Cashback By Using The Boost App At Tesco


Spend more, get more back!

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Here's How You Can Earn Up To RM1mil In Cashback By Using The Boost App At Tesco
You know what Malaysians love more than food? Free stuff.

But you know what Malaysians love equally as much? Cash back.

Who doesn’t love getting some cash back every time they spend money on things, especially daily essentials like grocery, right?

Well, if you love cashback deals, Tesco has something that will make you jump around in joy.

Buy groceries, free money

Wanna get some money back? Read on.
From 8 October to 2 December, the retailer will be giving away cashbacks every time you spend at Tesco with the Boost app.

Yep, that’s right: never has a cashback deal been easier.

The Boost 1 Million Cashback Campaign will see the retailer giving back a whopping RM1 million in cashbacks as a reward for shopping at their outlets.

Sounds pretty cool, kan?

In order to be in the running to win the cashbacks, all you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1) Download the Boost app

If you’ve not been using the Boost app all this while, you’ve been missing out a lot. Before you can participate in the cashback campaign, you will need to download the Boost app, which you can do by clicking here for the App Store or here for Google Play.

2) Select your mission

It’s like playing a video game. How exciting, right? To win some cash back, you will have to choose between two missions:

Mission 1: Spend a minimum of RM100 three times in 30 days

Mission 2: Spend a minimum of RM50 two times in 14 days

3) Watch money roll into your Boost e-wallet

Ka-ching, it’s time to cash in! Once you’ve completed the mission above, you will get a guaranteed cashback automatically:

Mission 1:
RM10 Tesco voucher in your e-wallet
RM5 Kenny Rogers Roaster voucher in your e-wallet
RM3 Secret Recipe voucher in your e-wallet

Mission 2:
RM5 Tesco voucher in your e-wallet

On top of that, you also stand a chance to win these monthly prizes:

20 winners: RM500 Tesco e-wallet credit
40 winners: RM200 Tesco e-wallet credit
30 winners: RM50 Tesco e-wallet credit
60 winners: RM30 worth of Boost coins

It's so simple to get cash back.
So, you see, folks; as long as you’re spending money at Tesco using the Boost app, you’ll be getting some cashback no matter what.

But remember to hurry though; ‘cos the Boost 1 Million Cashback Campaign will run from 8 October to 2 December only, so time is of the essence.

For more information, head on over to Tesco Malaysia’s official website here or follow their official Facebook page here.

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