Local Electronics Brand Launches Limited Edition DC Products And They Are Pretty Super

DC fans, this is for you.

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Local Electronics Brand Launches Limited Edition DC Products And They Are Pretty Super
If you're a fan of superheroes such as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, we have some good news for you.

Local electronics brand A&S has just launched a line of headphones, earphones and other home appliances that will make you feel, well, super.

A super lineup

Their partnership with DC will feature a series of consumer electronic products branded with your favourite superheroes. 

The DC superheroes that are going to be featured on this inaugural series of Limited Edition DC Comics consumer electronic products are Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

Leading this limited edition line are Batman and Wonder Woman-branded earphones and true wireless earbuds

And just like the Justice League, the line-up also features 12 other items branded with your favourite DC Comics heroes' insignia, such as the A&S Batman Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, A&S Superman In-Ear Headphones, A&S Wonder Woman Cordless Automatic Hair Curler and A&S Wonder Woman Charging Cable and Stand.

“A&S’s key vision is becoming the industry’s No.1 lifestyle electronic brand. A&S is known throughout the industry for our quality, value and service.

"Our reputation has earned us the exclusive IP rights with DC Comics to manufacture and distribute consumer electronics branded with DC Comics’ characters,”said YC Ng, Chief Executive Officer of A&S Distribution Sdn. Bhd, adding that the brand will add more characters to the lineup soon.

DC Comics fans and interested buyers can get their hands on these limited edition items, first made available at a promotional price at Wonder Woman Concept Fair, which is currently being held until 11 October 2020 at the Ground Floor Center Atrium in SOGO KL.

So, what are you waiting for? Assemble at Sogo to get your hands on these super products.

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