Taiwanese Woman Goes On Safari Trip In Africa, Ends Up Marrying Her Tour Guide

True love can happen anywhere!

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Taiwanese Woman Goes On Safari Trip In Africa, Ends Up Marrying Her Tour Guide
Facebook/Lu Lee-Kombe

This will cheer up your day.

You can find love anywhere around the world, if you are destined to meet the right one.

This is true for a Taiwanase woman named Lu Lee-Kombe.

A chanced meeting

Love at first sight.
In a sweet submission posted on Facebook group Subtle Asian Traits, Lu found love in Africa during a volunteering trip when she fell in love with her safari guide.

According to Mothership SG, Lu shared that she studied in Canada and South Korea before she taking up a teaching job in Japan after graduation.

However, she couldn’t find a job that appealed to her as a permanent career, so she decided to pursue her Masters Degree instead.

This is such a heartwarming love story, right?
Before she committed herself to years of exams, as her last kopek, she signed up for a volunteering trip to Tanzania where she taught English for two weeks.

The trip brought her on a three-day camping safari where she met Sam, her Tanzanian safari guide.

It was love at first sight, and they soon got married and had a beautiful kid together.

Ain't their child cute?
"Life has so many unexpected twists and you never know where your next step will land you," she wrote in the post.

Ever since settling down, Lu is now an accomplished author, having wrote two novels and is currently working on a children's book.

Her husband, meanwhile, runs his own safari tour company.

Ain't this a wholesome love story?

So, to those of you who are single, you'll never know where or when you will meet the one!

Time to go on a safari trip, perhaps?

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