Who Is 'Ayah Long', Why Is He Trending On Twitter & Why Are People Flustered By His Rules?

His sexist house rules have gotten netizens amused or angry

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Who Is 'Ayah Long', Why Is He Trending On Twitter & Why Are People Flustered By His Rules?


It's 2020. By now you'd think that men who think women are below them and as such should wait on them hand and foot would have gone extinct. 

But apparently not. 

Some guy with the Twitter handle @wanyusri16 shared his "Ayah Long" i.e. eldest uncle's house rules during meals and it got a lot of attention.

The rules include archaic ideas like "men should eat first while women 'standby' to see what's enough and what's not" and "men aren't allowed to take their plates away or do the dishes once they're done eating". 

At first, we thought he was just seeking attention (he probably is, who knows?) but it's still disturbing that his tweets mention things like "Ada peraturan yang mana lelaki mesti suka" (there are rules that men would definitely like), and "membahagiakan suami itu kunci syurga" (making a husband happy is the key to heaven).  

Some were amused, others...not so much

From the way he worded his tweets, it seemed like he kind of agreed with the adat (tradition) and thinks it's acceptable to be practiced even these days.

Same energy here

NEWS FLASH: It's not and Malaysians were, of course, more than happy to enlighten him on the issue.
In fact, the thread got so much attention that it started trending on Twitter. 

We get that sometimes it's hard to change some of the adat that older generation follow, but you should just wash your own plates even if kene marah and help bring a positive change lah.

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