Ezurin Khyra Emotional And Motherly? 'The House' Season 6 Reveals This Fashionista's Softer Side

A feast for the eyes and the heart.

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Ezurin Khyra Emotional And Motherly? 'The House' Season 6 Reveals This Fashionista's Softer Side
Apart from the multiple outfit changes and over the top antiques, the latest season of 'The House' promises to reveal the softer and more motherly side of socialite Ezurin Khyra.

Infamous for fashion, fashion and more fashion, the former model and actress will be featured together with her five gorgeous children - Tunku Amaan Khyra, Tunku Nadya Khyra, Tunku Omaan Khyra, Tunku Imaan Khyra dan Tunku Rmaan Khyra.

Program realiti ‘The House’ kembali menerusi musim keenam dengan ikon fesyen, sosialit masyhur EZURIN KHYRA Ezurin atau lebih dikenali sebagai ‘E’ merupakan seorang Ibu jelita kepada empat putera dan seorang puteri hasil perkahwinan bersama kerabat Diraja. Di sebalik kilauan glamor, ‘The House’ bakal pamer sisi lain Princess Ezurin. Dengan konsep yang lebih menarik, tampil lebih unik dan kisah yang berbeza bersama ahli keluarganya menyahut cabaran untuk keluar dari zon selesa dan menyesuaikan diri dengan kehidupan sederhana. Saksikan ‘The House’ selama 10 episod di platform televisyen menerusi saluran Astro Ria (124) dan Astro Ria HD (104) bermula 21 Oktober 2020, setiap hari Rabu, jam 9.00 malam. #AstroGempak #TheHouseEzurin #EzurinKhyra #EKhyra #ThisIsHowWeRoll @ezurinkhyra @kingkhyra @nkhyra @omaan_khyra @imaankhyra @rkhyra @magieabangsaufi

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Sounds like quite the party right?

"Of course I was nervous letting cameras capture my private life, especially since my children are there too," stated Ezurin or better known as E during a press conference on the show.

"It's all real, though. No cuts, no retakes, it captures who we really are," she added.

If you're not familiar with 'The House', it is a reality TV show by Astro Gempak which follows the lives of local personalities together with their friends or family staying together in a house over a period of time.

Embracing the simple life

This latest season will see E leaving her glamourous abode (which is currently being renovated) and living life in a more simpler manner. 

Also featured in the latest season is E's soul sister and notable fashion icon Magie Abang Saufi.

Together, the two, along with the rest of the gang go through ups and down, tears and laughter and all sorts of drama.

Will we finally see the true E underneath all those beautiful layers of clothes?

You'll have to find out on your own by catching all 10 episodes of 'The House' starting 21 October, every Wednesday at 9pm on Astro Ria (124) and Astro Ria HD (104).

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