Woman Complains Of Noisy Neighbours, But Later Finds Out No One Has Lived There For Two Years

Neighbour from hell… literally?

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Woman Complains Of Noisy Neighbours, But Later Finds Out No One Has Lived There For Two Years
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Having neighbours can either be a blessing or a nightmare, and if you live in a high-rise building, it’s hard not to know what your neighbours are up to.
Malaysian Twitter user Fatin Shafira @ftnshfr recently shared that her neighbour living next to her apartment unit complained to her about the loud noises they’ve been hearing coming from her unit in the wee hours of the night, disrupting their sleep.
However, here's the plot twist: Fatin revealed that she has not been to the apartment, situated somewhere in the Klang Valley, for two years already.

Paranormal visitors?

Following the complaints, she decided to visit her apartment and do a thorough spot check, but she did not find signs of people entering the unit or using anything in the house.
There were “no footprints as the house is very dusty, the plugs were all not used. Conclusion: ghosts,” she said in the tweet.
She even invited her neighbour to check on the house and to her horror, the house seemed untouched, with no signs of activity.
“[The neighbour] said that she heard people flushing and showering – so we showed her the bathroom. It was dry.”
Fatin added that she has cut off water and electricity supply for so long that it wasn’t possible to have the TV turned on or anyone showering.
As a safety precaution, she even changed all the locks on her door before leaving.

The horror continues

If you thought that was the end of the story, well, you're wrong.

The following morning, the same neighbour texted her again to tell her that they heard loud TV noises and even the air conditioning vent being switched on.
Due to the on going CMCO, she wasn’t able to come over at night to check on her apartment. She even thought of the possibility that the mysterious noises came from another unit.
The unexplainable noises remain a mystery up until today, in case you're wondering.
Netizens who read Fatin’s story shared their own version of horror tales experienced in their old or current house.
Some even offered tips or solutions to help get rid of the ‘disturbances’.

So, have you had any experiences with an annoying neighbour from the underworld? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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