College Student Gets Endorsement Deals After Classmates Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Her

Accidental star.

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College Student Gets Endorsement Deals After Classmates Can’t Stop Taking Pictures Of Her
Instagram/Phan Hằng

Hello, are you an angel?

Have you ever come across anyone who just takes your breath away, and no matter how hard you try, you just can't take your eyes off that person?

Well, a college student from Vietnam is one of those people.

Accidental star

Meet a real life angel.
Her classmates seem to be in love with her.
Her features are mesmerising.
Phan Hằng, who is a second year college student, became an instant internet sensation because of her fairy-like looks.

The 20-year-old first blew up on the internet when her classmates can't stop secretly taking pictures of her during her school's commencement ceremony, 4-Way News reported.

In fact, every time she takes the stage to give a presentation or every time she participates in group discussions, all the attention will be on her (and it's not hard to see why).

Phan has been praised for her flawless features, such as her high cheekbones, prominent nose, double eyelids and milk-like fair skin, as well as her toned and fit body.

She's been a subject of secret photos.
All eyes will be on Phan every time she presents.
Thanks to all the attention, Phan has become a bona fide internet sensation, having amassed more than 428,000 followers on Instagram.

In fact, she has even secured multiple endorsement deals with several well-known fashion and cosmetic brands.

Not too shabby for an accidental internet star, right?

She loves to cosplay too.
Make it fashion!
According to 4-Way News, Phan also loves to cosplay during her free time, on top of appearing in photoshoots for fashion brands. 

If you want to get your daily dose of Phan Hằng cuteness, you can follow her Instagram account here.

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