Mocked And Belittled, Penang Man Says He Doesn't Care As Long As He Has His Snakes

A snake lover through and through.

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Mocked And Belittled, Penang Man Says He Doesn't Care As Long As He Has His Snakes
Mohd Redzuan Abdullah Zawawi

Check out his snake.

People mock him, curse him, and some even wish for him to die, but to 36-year-old Mohd Redzuan Abdullah Zawawi, the comments can keep on coming as long as no one separates him from his beloved snakes.

Snake love.
"Not many people understand my love for snakes and most people are scared or misunderstand these animals.

"When I post videos or pictures of Cik Kiah (one of his 6 pythons) on social media, there will definitely be many negative comments.

"A few have also wished that the snakes would kill me and my family," he said while laughing.

"How can you just laugh at that," questioned this writer during a phone interview with Mohd Redzuan.

"Well, people can say what they want. I know I'm not disturbing anyone and that's what's most important," said Mohd Redzuan who is fondly known as Abe.

Attracted at a young age

Abe said that his obsession for snakes started at quite a young age. 

"I come from a family that loves animals, but I had this strange attraction to snakes and other exotic creates," he said. 

An attraction to exotic creatures.
He continued that he first spotted Cik Kiah crossing a road near his village about 16 years ago and he helped capture it. 

After that, he got a permit from Perhilitan to keep her, and the snakes just kept adding up. 

Now he has six phytons - all with permits - which live at a special house that he has set up for them.

"I also collect antique furniture so the house is filled with all sorts of interesting old stuff and that's also where the snakes live.

"I live close by and go and visit them every day," said the former personal driver who currently resides at Balik Pulau in Penang.

Tarzan Malaysia 

Abe said that while snakes were dangerous, they were also amazing creatures.

"It's simple, any animal including snakes have their eating time and playing time. 

"When the snakes are eating, that's when they're most active, and you should stay away.

"Other than that, they are quite playful," he explained adding that his wife and children were also quite fond of them.

Although he has been keeping snakes for quite a number of years now, Abe said that he only recently gained fame due to a video which he posted of Cik Kiah. 

A shared love for snakes.

Family love.
"It was actually a 20-sec video of her defecating, and within six hours, over a million people viewed it.

"It was crazy, but after that, I set up a YouTube page and have been posting videos of my adventures with Cik Kiah and my other snakes," he said.

He also clarified that Cik Kiah was in fact named after the infamous Mak Cik Kiah - an imaginary person which the Prime Minister used to explain allocations given out during the Movement Control Order (MCO).

"Prior to that, I never named any of the snakes. They don't really understand verbal language.

"They respond to body language and signals," he said.

Haters gonna hate

To snake haters, Abe hoped that they would respect all creatures, including snakes and understand that we all share this planet.

"We have to respect every creature. For snakes, if you're good to them, they will be good to you. That's it," he laughed again.

We guess everyone has their likes and dislikes.

Some are cat people, some are dog people, and some are 240kg, 6-feet-long, snake people.

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