Major Win For US President-Elect Joe Biden's Rescue Dog

Lucky dog!

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Major Win For US President-Elect Joe Biden's Rescue Dog

Rescue dog Major and his friend Champ will be joining the Bidens at the White House!

People say every dog has its day and United States President-elect Joe Biden's dog, Major, is sure going to have fantastic days soon.

The dog, which was rescued by Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, two years ago from Delaware Humane Association will soon be calling the White House home.

First rescue dog to live in the White House

According to reports, the White House will have dogs again for the first time since Donald Trump took office. 

Apparently, the soon to be former US president don't like pets of any kind, including dogs, so there were no animals in the White House. 

People reported that the Bidens first fostered Major, one of the puppies from a German Shephard litter that wasn't doing too well. 

They soon adobted the puppy, giving a new companion to Champ, another German Shephard that the family owned. 

Many people seem to be stoked for Major, and rescue dogs in general, to be house in the White House soon. 

Guess luck can sure change drastically sometimes. From the pounds to the White House. Have fun, Major!

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