2020 Deepavali Ads Are Out: Some Are Nice, Others Predictable

Which ones are your favourite?

  • Friday, 13 November 2020
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2020 Deepavali Ads Are Out: Some Are Nice, Others Predictable
We're not sure 'bout you, but we sure look forward to all the interesting advertisements (ad) that are released during festive seasons in Malaysia. 

We remember looking forward to watching ads created by Yasmin Ahmad for Petronas, especially, and it has become something we await since then.

She may no longer be around, and we have to say it is rare to see ads that can compete against some of the ones she's done, but it's always fun to check out all the creative outputs during each festive season. 

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic and the dark cloud it has blanketed 2020 in, Deepavali is probably the perfect opportunity for ad film makers to come up with interesting content. 

After all, what better time to talk about light overcoming darkness right? 

Some did a pretty good job, while others did an OK job with predictable storyline.

There's only one in the list that we were quite disappointed in, but that proabably has got as much to do with the high standards Yasmin Ahmad has set for the brand as much as the content itself. 

Here are some of the ads that caught our attention in 2020:

Digi Deepavali 2020 - Villalan (Archer)

Taylor's University - Curious Kumar

#GamudaLand Deepavali 2020 - The Guiding Light

#GamudaLand Deepavali 2020 - The Guiding Light


RHB Deepavali 2020: Light In a Time of Darkness

TNB Deepavali 2020 - #DoubleTroubleDeepavali

PETRONAS Deepavali 2020 – Vattam

So...which ones are your favourites? Or did we miss the best ones? Let us know! 

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