Halal Fashion: Tutup Your Cat's Aurat With These Cat Hijabs

Hope it’s not CAT-astrophic!

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Halal Fashion: Tutup Your Cat's Aurat With These Cat Hijabs
kaduha_cloath_using Shopee

The cat kind of reminds us like Dato Vida...

You’ve probably seen countless of costumes or clothes for your beloved cats for sale online, including ones that were made to look like our national attire, the Baju Melayu and Baju Kurung.
But are you ready for a next level fashion innovation for your feline companions?
In Indonesia, a new trend is taking over the ‘catwalk’ – hijabs for cat.

Cat fashion, but make it halal

On Twitter, user @txtdarionlshop shared a few photos of cats wearing hijabs and long dresses, which amused netizens.
One netizen commented that her cat should wear this outfit so that it can repent and not have a baby out of wedlock, while others were intrigued to actually by the whole set for their cat.
The outfits can be found on Shopee Indonesia and since we’re curious too, we did a little investigation and the listing actually exists!

You can click here to see it - and also buy it if you're interested.
Prices vary according to design, but they start from Rp82,000 (RM23.74).

But that’s not all the seller has to offer, as there are also Pak Haji character costumes, complete with the kopiah (head gear), available for sale.
So Malaysian sellers, what are you waiting for? Time to get back to your sewing machine!

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