Singaporean Reunites With His Digivice Toy - 20 Years After It Was Confiscated By His Teacher!


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Singaporean Reunites With His Digivice Toy - 20 Years After It Was Confiscated By His Teacher!
Facebook/Lai Wai Kit

Reunited and it feels so good.

Admit it; we know you've had your possessions confiscated by a teacher because you illegally brought it to school.

While most of us would just forget about the comic book that was confiscated, a man from Singapore recently got a surprise from his former discipline teacher.

A sweet reunion

Lai and his teacher.
The man, Lai Wai Kit, recently reunited with a childhood toy that was confiscated by his teacher back when he was in secondary school 20 years ago.

Lai told Mothership SG that he was a troublemaker back in the day, as he would wear baggy pants, colour his hair and wear funky shoes to school.

And just like any other rebel, he would illegally bring a toy to school, and in his case, a dark blue Digivice device.

If you remember, a Digivice is an electronic game similar to Tamagotchi where you raise a digital monster.

A blast to the past.
Unfortunately for him, his grand plan was thwarted when his discipline teacher and then-geography teacher, Jeffrey Lim, spotted the device and promptly confiscated it.

Lai told the news portal that he was extremely heartbroken at the time because he saved 50 cents a day for nearly a month just to purchase the Digivice.

He thought that it would be the last time he saw his beloved device...well, until a few weeks ago.

A wild surprise

Lai learned that Lim would be retiring soon when his former made an announcement on Facebook on 19 November.

Lai thanked Lim in the post, and he cheekily reminded him that his Digivice is still in his drawer.

To his surprise, Lim got in touch with him via Facebook Messenger, and he confirmed that yes, his Digivice is still in his drawer - 20 years after he confiscated it. 

Lai mentioned that Lim offered to mail back the device to him, but Lai took the opportunity to physically meet up with Lim for old time's sake.

You can check out Lai's heartwarming post here:

Lai told Mothership SG that now he is a father of three, he appreciated the lessons that Lim taught him, and he hopes that his children will be able to meet teachers like Lim.

Aww, isn't this a heartwarming post?

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