7 Best Work-From-Hotel Packages In Selangor You Should Check Out For That Perfect Workcation

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7 Best Work-From-Hotel Packages In Selangor You Should Check Out For That Perfect Workcation
Boy, 2020 has not been the best of year.

The pandemic has locked us up in our own homes for the better part of the year.

A lot of people, like us at Rojak Daily, are still working from home, and to be honest, it's starting to feel a little bit...boring.

If you're looking for a switch in enviroment, well, there's some good news for you: there are a lot of hotels out there that are running work-from-hotel promotions to give weary workers a chance to rejuvenate while getting some work done.

Thanks to our friends from Tourism Selangor, here's a list of the best work-from-hotel packages in Selangor we think you should definitely check out.

#1 Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa

Who wouldn't want to work here, right?
Wait, did we hear spa? You can now enjoy a relaxing hotel and spa day at one of the most established hotels in Selangor. Prices start at RM150, which is super reasonable, if you ask us. Click here for more information.

#2 Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya

For business and pleasure.
If you don't want to be distracted by a a luxurious spa (we understand), you can opt for a more business-like setting. Eastin Hotel in Petaling Jaya is offering a flexible working package from 7am to 7pm for just RM120 per room. Flex your hotel room in one of your Zoom meetings to make your colleagues jealous. Click here for more information.

#3 Mövenpick Hotel and Convention Centre KLIA

Look, an aeroplane!
Yeah, we know; there's no reason to head to KLIA when we can't travel. So, why not head to a hotel somewhere near the KLIA to get some work done? Mövenpick Hotel has a work-from-hotel package that starts from RM150 for a day-use room with coffee or tea making facilities, as well as free lunch. Since you can't fly, staring at grounded aeroplanes could be fun too. Click here for more information.

#4 Premiere Hotel, Klang

If you want to go for a drive.
Speaking of travelling to other countries, there's a hotel in Klang that offers pretty reasonable work-from-hotel packages. You can spend a day at the Premiere Hotel in Klang for just RM160 per person. The fee includes a pre-packed lunch and gasp, a free gift as well. If you want to take a drive before you start your work day, you can check out Premiere Hotel. Click here for more information.

#5 New World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

You can use the pool too.
If you want somewhere nearer and not at the end of the world, New World Hotel is the place for you. The hotel's work-from-hotel packages start at RM160 for day use from 8am to 8pm. While you're there, you can also make use of their facilities, such as the gym. Top up another RM90 and you get to spend a night there as well. Not too bad, kan? Click here for more information.

#6 Grand BlueWave Hotel, Shah Alam

Chill by the pool too.
Take a drive to Shah Alam and check in at the Grand BlueWave Hotel if you want to stay far away from civilisation for a bit. For just RM48 per person, you get to chill at the hotel where you'll be spoiled with a free flow of coffee or tea, as well as a free lunch. Want to stay the night? Can also, just top up an additional RM98. Click here for more information.

#7 One World Hotel, Petaling Jaya

Right smack in the middle of PJ.
Want to do a little bit of shopping after a long sales meeting? Luckily for you, One World Hotel in Petaling Jaya has a few affordable work-from-hotel packages. Their packages start from RM190 for a Superior Room day use from 8am to 8pm, and if you want your lunch delivered to your room like a boss, you can do so by topping up an extra RM30. Click here for more information.

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