This Kindergarten In Johor Had A Drive-In Graduation Ceremony That Will Melt Your Heart

Aww, so cute!

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This Kindergarten In Johor Had A Drive-In Graduation Ceremony That Will Melt Your Heart
Tadika Khalifah Elit Facebook

Congrats little ones!

2020 is probably one of the worst years in history, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has resulted in a lot of us to missing important milestones in life.
And one of them may include attending your convocation or graduation ceremony to commemorate the end of your studies.
A kindergarten in Johor Bahru did not let the pandemic stop them from celebrating, however, as they recently went viral for organising an out-of-the-box graduation ceremony for its six-year-olds that we're pretty sure will make us adults jealous.

Cutest graduation in history

Twitter user @Almazingg, her real name Almaz, shared a few photos of the Tadika Khalifah Elit JB graduation ceremony on her social media account recently.

Her mom, Raudhah, works there as a teacher at.
The drive-in ceremony was anything but ordinary, as parents had come with their vehicles decked in full graduation decoration.
She must've enjoyed the day!
Some had balloons on their car, some had signs, and some even made a banner for their kid.
Netizens were amused and happy to see the effort that the parents had put in for their children.

In an interview with Rojak Daily, Almaz says that the car decoration idea actually came from one of the parents.
“At first a few parents shared photos of their decorated cars in the WhatsApp group but then it snowballed and other parents unintentionally outdid one another.”
“When they arrived, the students were really excited and felt special.”
Due to the pandemic, each student will get out of the car briefly for a photo op at the stage set up in front of the kindergarten and to collect their file while their family members stayed in the car.
What a festive set up!
“We hope the pandemic will end soon so that we could resume our normal activities such as visiting the zoo, going for picnics, and have our annual concert,” Almaz added.
“But should COVID-19 still be around next year we may consider this as the safest, SOP compliant way to send-off our graduating six-year-olds in a grand way.”
Well, we might not have such a fun graduation when we were six but future parents, you may want to consider sending your kids here!

The kindergarten accepts kids from ages three to six.
Congrats little ones, we’re sure you’ve already experienced the most memorable graduation ceremony in life.

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