Kind-Hearted Abang Rider Tops Up For Boy Who Paid For Pizza With Coins But Came Up Short

A little kindness goes a long way!

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Kind-Hearted Abang Rider Tops Up For Boy Who Paid For Pizza With Coins But Came Up Short

Such a wholesome story.

Despite their reputation on the road, some food delivery riders are sweethearts deep down:

This latest story involving a kind-hearted abang rider will warm your heart.

One good deed

A Foodpanda delivery rider became a star on social media for his act of kindness recently.

Twitter user @idealuzair posted several screenshots of a conversation with his friend Faiz Rosman, who works as a delivery rider for Foodpanda.

According to Faiz, he picked up an order for a pizza and he dutily delivered it to the address, only to be greeted by a young boy.

The excited boy proceeded to pay for the pizza, which costs RM28.50, with a bag of coins:

A bag of coins for a slice of pizza.
Stunned, Faiz told the boy that he didn’t have time to count the coins as he was in a hurry, and he will contact him later if the money was short.

True enough, Faiz found that the payment was indeed short, as the boy only paid RM18 for the pizza.

When Faiz contacted the boy to inform him, the boy confessed that he made the order secretly without his father’s knowledge.
Faiz then jokingly threatened to report the matter to the police, to which the boy got scared and asked him not to do so.

The boy also told Faiz that he would pay the balance and explained that he really wanted to try the pizza but he was scared that his father would be angry.

Pitying the boy, Faiz offered to pay the balance for him, and he advised the boy to not "cheat" anyone else in the future and the boy apologised profusely.
@idealuzair even offered to buy the boy any food that he wants to eat, but he declined the offer.

The boy told them to save their money and spend it on their family and friends instead.

@idealuzair's tweet has garnered over 21,000 likes, with netizens commenting that the story made them emotional.

Thank you for showing the young boy that kindness still exists in this world, @idealuzair and Faiz.

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