[PHOTOS] This Former Teacher Creates Purrfectly Adorable Outfits For Cats

Cute or not?

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[PHOTOS] This Former Teacher Creates Purrfectly Adorable Outfits For Cats
Have you ever imagined your pet cat wearing fashionable clothes?

Well, that dream can be realised with the help of innovative Indonesian tailor Fredi Lugina Priadi.

Fredi was formerly a teacher but decided to try his hand at starting up a business after quitting his job. 

He first dabbled in running a  motorbike repair shop before realising that cat fashion was his calling. 
Catwalk ready.
“At first, my cousins who love cats gave me the idea to make these costumes and I thought it was weird,” said Fredi.

“But it turned out to be funny to see them with costumes,” he said.

Quite a selection

Fredi now supplies cat outfits to pet owners, ranging from superhero outfits nurse uniforms and even traditional Islamic wear!
I towt I Thor a puddy tat?

Hijabsters, watch out!

I'm not a-mew-sed!

Don't worry, you're purrfectly healthy.

Don't try to mess with the puss.

I see dead kitties.

He generates an income of close to RM900 per month by just selling four outfits per day.

Not bad at all kan?

Of course, if you're planning to buy an outfit for your kitty, make sure it likes it lah and maybe don't force the outfit on the cat for too long. 

We want to go for cute without being cruel.

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