Grandma Loses RM300,000 In Cash Kept In Milo Tins After Insects, Pest Destroyed Them

Poor thing.

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Grandma Loses RM300,000 In Cash Kept In Milo Tins After Insects, Pest Destroyed Them

Urgh, our heart can't take this madness.

It's not unusual for the older generation to keep stacks of cash in food tins (because banks are bad).

But keeping cash in food tins will not save you from insects and pests eating up your money, as this poor grandma learnt the painful way.

Our heart hurts

Several videos showing stacks of cash destroyed by insects and pests have made its way online and gone viral.

In the videos posted on the Penang News Group Facebook page, a man can be seen placing several several stacks of RM100 notes on the floor.

Each stack  is estimated to be worth around RM15,000 to RM20,000, or more.

While it may seem like the man is flaunting his worth Floyd Mayweather-style, the next few videos show the heart-breaking scene of a few more stacks of ringgit notes strewn on the floor, half-eaten by insects and pests, making them unusable.

Judging by the video, at least ten smaller stacks of cash, each estimated to be worth RM10,000, have disintegrated and covered in black specks, suspected to be caused by insects.

Some of the cash stacks seemed fine at first glance...until the man turns it over to show the sides were damaged.

Urgh, our heart hurts so much.

The man can be heard saying: "All the notes that I’ve taken out here have problems. There’s RM10,000 in one stack, and there are a total of 23 stacks, so that’s RM230,000."

In total, the elderly woman lost an estimated RM300,000 in cash.

Thankfully, they still managed to salvage some of the notes, as another video shows 11 stacks of RM100 notes amounting up to RM110,000 survived the onslaught.

If you have a habit of saving your money in food tins like this poor grandma, do remember to check them occasionally. Alternatively, you could also give us the cash and we'll help you keep them safe and sound (in our stomach).

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