‘It Was A Request’: Ipoh-Based Homebaker Explains Creation Of Viral Life-Like Lizard And Cockroach Cakes


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‘It Was A Request’: Ipoh-Based Homebaker Explains Creation Of Viral Life-Like Lizard And Cockroach Cakes
Do you have a sibling that you love torturing?

Well, one sister's "love" for another ended with the creation of a very interesting cake.

A yummy cicak rumah cake!

Speaking to Rojak Daily, Ethen Wong, one of the partners from The Slice, said that he was initially pretty nervous about posting pictures of his house lizard or gecko cake.

"I had mixed feelings posting pictures of the cake because I knew that some people would find it disgusting and I was afraid that we would be flooded with negative comments.

"In the end, people were just amused and started sharing pictures of the cake," he said, adding that pictures of the lizard cake and another cockroach cake has since gone viral.

A birthday surprise

Ethen said that the hyper-realistic lizard cake was specially made for a customer who wanted to surprise her sister for her birthday.

"The birthday girl just hated lizards, and that's what she wanted us to make.

"Later, the sister (who received the lizard cake) ordered another cake from us. This time, she wanted cockroaches," he said.

Focussing on the details is a must for the home-based bakery so Ethen and his partner Irene Wong did their best to make the creatures as life-like as possible. 

The lizards have greyish, brownish skin with cloudy green eyes (that almost seem to follow you around the room). 

As for the cockroaches, they even had a slight sheen to them, just like the actual insects. 


Made using fondant

"They're all edible you know. Made from fondant. What we do is that we shape the body and then we use tweezers to add in the details like nails, feet, spikes and then paint the whole body.

"In fact, the cockroach's feelers are made from chocolate," he said, adding that it takes between one to two hours to create the animals.

Their most recent cake features a smiley yellow gecko surrounded by catterpillars. 

"This was a request from another customer for a friend who loves geckos," said the 23-year-old baker.

Focussing on quality

Explaining that they don't only focus on cakes with creatures, Ethen said that they accept limited orders from customers.

"We like to focus on quality instead of quantity and we accept about 10 orders at a time. 

"We specialise in made-to-order creations so it takes time and effort to meet our customer's expectations," he said.

Check out some of the other lovely creations from these talented bakers.








Super cool creations kan?

All the best Ethan and Irene!

If you'd like to make a custom cake of your own and happen to be in Ipoh, check out The Slice on Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe you can try ordering a snake cake? or a worm cake? or maybe a super cool alien cake.

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