Man Makes Internet Jealous With Photos Of Yummy Meals Prepared By ‘Housemate From Heaven’

Heaven sent!

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Man Makes Internet Jealous With Photos Of Yummy Meals Prepared By ‘Housemate From Heaven’

We're officially jealous now.

Unless you married a chef, you'll probably won't know what it's like to have yummy, restaurant-worthy meals at home every day.

Well, this one lucky netizen does and we're so jealous.

Housemate sent from heaven

Twitter user @syafishamie1 recently made the internet jealous when he shared photos of the yummy-looking meals whipped up by his housemate who's basically just bored at home.

Here are some of his creations:

That looks yummy.
Roti jala, anyone?
We would like some too, please!
Where do we find a housemate like this?!

Syafi tweeted that his housemate named Wae cooks regularly for him and their other housemates as he gets back early from work.

And get this: Wae is not even a professional cook. He's just a regular guy who loves to cook!

In fact, Wae was known as a “masterChef” champion while they were studying at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Among some of Wae’s mouth-watering creations include roti jala, assam laksa, spaghetti carbonara with grilled chicken and fried chicken with fusilli pasta.
According to Syafi, Wae would occasionally send pictures of the food he's cooked up to tempt his housemates, and he even tells them what to do with the leftovers if any.

Syafi also assured netizens that while Wae is normally the one who cooks the meals, he and his other housemates would make sure to finish the food and wash the dishes when they are done.

Syafi's post has since been retweeted more than 24,700 times, with netizens in awe of Wae's awesome cooking skills.

He definitely sounds like a housemate from heaven, kan? So, when can we move in?

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