[PHOTOS] Saying Goodbye To The Iconic Penang Ferry Through The Lens Of A Talented Local Photographer

Who else misses the old ferry system?

  • Friday, 8 January 2021
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[PHOTOS] Saying Goodbye To The Iconic Penang Ferry Through The Lens Of A Talented Local Photographer
Hybrid Yang

Farewell, old Penang ferry.

After 126 years, the Penang car-carrying ferry system ceased operations in a move that saddened many. 

Those from the island and others who've used the ferry system over the years have fond memories attached to the iconic transportation system. 

Boon Yang is no different.

Despite not having been a frequent user of the ferries, he wanted to capture the "final days" of the Penang ferries for his album and we have to say, the results are amazing! 

A way to remember

The first time Boon Tang, who goes by the name of Hybrid Yang on social media, took the ferry, he traveled from Balik Pulau, where he is from, to the terminal just to experience going on it. 

"I remember my first time on the Penang ferry was during my childhood, me and my parents took the yellow bus all the way from Balik Pulau to experience the ferry service. 

"I was simply awestruck that it could take in so many cars and motorcycles. Amazed by the view from the ferry and then mesmerised by the splashing of the sea water along the ferry.

"Besides that, I also enjoyed seeing the jellyfish swim in the sea during the ferry’s ride," he told Rojak Daily. 

The 33-year-old said that since his pictures were posted online, many people have shared their own memories of riding the ferries with him.

Passion turned career

Like many around the world, COVID-19 cost Boon Yang his job. 

He was a tour leader who used to bring tourists overseas but his business was severely impacted by the pandemic. 

"I changed to start as a freelance photographer where my passion is and I have a YouTube channel (Uncore Music Channel) which talks more about music and Chinese singers’ stories," he told us. 

Boon Yang's love affair with photography started many years ago when he was traveling in Nepal. 

"The beauty of Mother Earth inspires me quite so much, and photography has made me see the world in a completely different way.

"From there on, I felt wonderful for being able to share a little of my adventure with my friends and family through my photos," he said. 

Despite the struggles of 2020, it was also the year Boon Yang gave more attention to his hobby. 

He learnt and practised editing and the series of pictures of the Penang ferry was his personal final year project. 

"I went to take ferry’s shot twice, sunrise and sunset. The first time I went was before the sunset, there were too many passengers onboard and I didn’t get satisfaction through my shot.

"So, I went again before the sunrise and finally got what I wish to have. I’m glad and thankful that I received a lot of compliments about my Penang ferry’s photo albums.

"I hope that my photos are able to tell the stories and leave some memories to others from my personal viewpoint," he said. 

We're sure glad Boon Yang has had the time to improve on his photography and editing skills. We hope to see more of his amazing work in the future! 

You can check out more of his work on his Instagram and Facebook

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