KitKat Celebrates The Upcoming Chinese New Year With A Gold Bar. No, Seriously!

Give us all the 'ong'.

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KitKat Celebrates The Upcoming Chinese New Year With A Gold Bar. No, Seriously!
It looks like the Chinese New Year celebrations will be a muted one, considering that half of the states in Malaysia have been placed under the Movemement Control Order (MCO) and the nation is under a state of emergency.

But that doesn't mean that collect all the 'ong' that is coming your way!

Gold all around

Every one's favourite chocolate brand, KitKat, will be ringing in the lunar new year with the launch of their new product: the limited edition KITKAT Gold.

KITKAT Gold is a delectable duo layer combination of fine chocolate with a beautiful beige gold top coat paired with smooth milk chocolate, encasing their signature layers of crispy wafer filled with nutty buttery praline.

To give you more 'ong', this limited edition chocolate bars are exquisitely presented in a vibrant gold pack for good luck and prosperity.

Not only that, its packaging is uniquely designed with festive celebratory elements such as bubblesand sparkles, as well as the gold wrapper, which is ideal for gifting or sharing with friends and loved ones.

All the gold godness doesn't end there, as following the success of KITKAT Ice cream, there will also be a KITKAT Gold Ice Cream, an elevated golden break with its winning creamy wafer-flavoured centre covered with rich white chocolate coat, embellished with crispy croquants and crushed KITKAT Wafer.

There's no such thing as too much gold, right?

To spread more festive cheer, you can also take part in the 'KITKAT Win Gold Contest', which will run from 8 January to 28 February 2021. 

Just by purchasing a minimum of RM8 worth of KITKAT products and sending a photo of the receipt (with your name and IC number clearly written) to +6018 228 3090, you'll be in the running to win RM288,888 worth of prizes - including a real gold bar!

The limited edition KITKAT Gold will be available in a gift ready Festive Box (3 x 4 Finger), 2-Finger Sharebag (eight pieces per pack) and a single 4-Finger packet at leading retail stores across Malaysia, so go grab it while you still can.

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