Terengganu Man Built 11 Speed Bumps Next To His House Because He Was Annoyed With Noisy Vehicles

The level of petty we aspire to be.

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Terengganu Man Built 11 Speed Bumps Next To His House Because He Was Annoyed With Noisy Vehicles

The man just wants his sleep.

We know how annoying noisy neighbours can be sometimes, or even worse, noisy motorists passing by every now and then if your house is located next to the main road.
So, what would you normally do? Some people would just brush it off and hope others will turn it down, some will just blatantly tell them off but for one man in Terengganu, he took matters to the next level.

One speed bump is never enough

Normally, to make vehicles slow down, authorities would install speed bumps.
Bumper after bumper.
But for Nor Muhamad Roslam Harun, 40, he decide to install a whopping 11 speed bumps next to his house because he was disturbed by the noisy vehicles that were speeding everytime they pass by.
According to Bernama, Roslam spent RM1,080 of RM5,000 of his i-Sinar EPF fund to build the speed bumps at Kampung Padang Luas, Jertih, Besut.
However, his dream of having peace and serenity came to an end after policemen came to his house to remove the bumps.
Roslan then apologised and admitted his mistake of building so many speed bumps for a distance of less than 40 metres and creating an unnecessary hassle for other residents to get to the main road.
All gone.
“I hired a bulldozer operator to remove all the speed bumps on the street including the two original ones,” he told Bernama.
“The noises from cars and motorcycles are disrupting my sleep. I’m so stressed out and I also have other health issues.
“Actually, I wanted to make speed humps, but the asphalt hardened so quickly before they could be flattened, causing them to become bumps and made the road inaccessible to all cars except four-wheel drives.”

Well, we hope no one will be speeding near his house anytime soon because who knows what else he’ll do in the future to get his much needed peace.

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