IKEA Malaysia's 'Alamak' Reusable Bag Is Set To Become A Limited Edition Item, We Guarantee It!

It's special.

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IKEA Malaysia's 'Alamak' Reusable Bag Is Set To Become A Limited Edition Item, We Guarantee It!
Facebook/Alicia Cho & IKEA Malaysia

This could be worth some money down the road.

In 2018, a man by the name of Andrea Canziani bought a pair of Air Jordan 1 sneakers, and when it came, he noticed that the Nike swoosh on his pair of shoes was stitched upside down

Instead of sending it back to them and demand for a refund, Canziani managed to sell the shoe for a whopping USD146,000 (RM590,000) because the factory flaw made it a one-off special edition.

We know it's a long stretch, but IKEA's reusable bag could be a one-off special edition just like Canziani's Air Jordan 1 sneakers.

'It's OK to make a mistake'

Get it while stocks last.
IKEA Malaysia is selling a white reusable bag on their online store and also their outlets.

But what makes this reusable bag different is that the printing on the bag features a glaring typo.

The bags that went on sale were meant to feature the URL of IKEA Malaysia's online store (''), but instead, a printing error turned the URL into ''.

IKEA Malaysia then figured that they're not going to recall and scrap the bags, so they've decided to rebrand them as the 'KLAMBY Limited Quality ALAMAK' bag and sell them as a limited edition, single batch item. 

"At IKEA, it is OK to make a mistake. We printed the wrong website address on the KLAMBY re-usable bag but because it's reusable, we won't scrap them. They're limited edition and they won't be back!," the brand wrote on their website.

The typo was first spotted by a Singaporean Facebook user by the name of Alicia Cho in an IKEA Singapore outlet over the weekend.

Just like our bags, the URL on the Singaporean batch was also spelled with a missing 'm' -'.

IKEA Singapore took the hit in the chin like a bawse, and they proceeded to sell the KLAMBY bags in their outlets with the catchy description: “limited, unique, alamak”.

Win liao lor, IKEA Singapore!

Make use of the publicity, right?
In case you're wondering, you can purchase the limited edition KLAMBY Limited Quality ALAMAK reusable bag on IKEA Malaysia's website now.

It retails for RM4.90, and who knows, 20 years down the road, you can re-sell it for RM5 or something.

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