Tired Of The Same Old Food? Here Are Some Places In Klang Valley You Can Order Directly From

No need to rely on the usual delivery services

  • Wednesday, 20 January 2021
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Tired Of The Same Old Food? Here Are Some Places In Klang Valley You Can Order Directly From
We're not sure if this has ever happened to you guys, but for the past few days, we've been spending at least thirty minutes going through the food options on popular food delivery apps. 

With hundreds of restaurants on the list and all kinds of food imaginable, it's so hard to choose especially when one is really hungry. 

While being spoilt for choice can be nice, having a shorter list helps when you can't make up your minds. 

If you, like this author, get tired of looking at too many options, here's a short list of places you can order from if you live in Klang Valley. 

The plus side is also that you can order directly from these restaurants, owned by local SMEs. 


OK, technically, Hometaste advertises the services of several providers but the choices are still not mindbogglingly large. 

The platform offers both Muslim-friendly and non-halal food prepared by home cooks. You just have to key in your delivery area and pick a home cook near you. 

There are even packages where you can order a number of meals at a go if you are someone who is too busy to cook or hates cooking. 

The prices are reasonable; starting from a little below RM10 to a few hundreds for family-sized meals and packages. 

Most of the food are Asian but we did see some pastas and more Western food in the list. 

More information can be found here

The Naked Lunchbox

If you are looking to eat healthy and don't know where to start, let us point you in the right direction. 

The Naked Lunchbox has over 40 options to choose from. 

"Inspired by our travels around the world, we are constantly pushing boundaries to create new and interesting recipes that fit our version of clean eating," it's website says. 

We must say that the pictures look good and if memory serves (we've tried the food sometime back) the food taste pretty good too!

Check out the menu and order here


If you love trying new cuisines, PichaEats is perfect for you! 

The food is prepared by refugees right at their homes and you can pick from delicious food from their home countries as well as more fusion ones. 

Unfortunately, PichaEats don't seem to have freshly cooked individual meals anymore but you can get frozen ones (they even come in sets) and heat it up! 

If you live with your family or friends, you're in luck. Family Meal Delivery is available everyday and you can choose your pick of meals that can feed about four people at a time. 

Check out the menu and order from here

Big Boyz Barbeque

If you're looking for a hearty, possibly artery-clogging food that will make you go yummm...#noregrets, you might want to check out Big Boyz Barbeque. 

Pick your choice of burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings or bangers and mash, and just add them to your cart. 

You can check out the menu and order here.

Unfortunately, this option is not halal, but the next one is! 

Serai Garam


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If like us, you love masakan Melayu, you'll love the options available at Serai Garam.

From masak lemak and sambal berlado to nasi lemak and roti jala, you can find a variety of food, delivered right to your door steps. 

Check out the menu of the day and order here. 

Did we mention the prices are very reasonable too? 

Cheap Lunch Everyday 

If you're on a budget, you definitely want to check out Cheap Lunch Everyday. 

The menu is made available weekly and you have to order a day earlier and expect delivery between 11.30am and 1.30pm.

Each meal only costs RM6. The minimum order is for three pax and the delivery is free with minimum order. 

Check out the menu and order here. 

If you liked the suggestions, don't forget to bookmark the article for future reference. 

Happy eating, you guys! 

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