Sabah Woman Gives Dead Pet Koi Fishes A Grand Send Off...Into Her Tummy!

One expensive dish.

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Sabah Woman Gives Dead Pet Koi Fishes A Grand Send Off...Into Her Tummy!
Facebook/Amanda Omeychua

Poor koi fish.

Losing a pet can be a really devastating experience.

While it's not unusual for dog and cat owners to give their dead pets a full-blown funeral, fish owners would usually just scoop their dead pet out of the tank, wrap it in a plastic bag and bury it in their garden.

Well, this one Malaysian woman decided to give her pet fish a grand send off...into her tummy.

Unusual recipe

Facebook user Amanda Omeychua recently stunned the internet when she posted a recipe on how to make fish soup with her dead pet koi fishes.

Amanda, who shared her experience in the wildly-popular failed cooking Facebook page MASAK APA TAK JADI HARI NI OFFICIAL, said that she decided to cook the fishes after they suffocated in the tank.

Home recipe, apparently.
She revealed that her precious pet koi died after her domestic helper had apparently forgotten to turn off the water to the fish tank, resulting in them suffocating to death due to low level of oyxgen.

So, instead of letting them rest in peace, she decided to let them rest in pieces.

She then shared a step-to-step guide on how she made the koi fish soup, starting by measuring it: 

That's a pretty long fish.
Then, she chopped them up into pieces:

Chopping it all up.
Before throwing it into a cooker and boiling it to perfection:

We wonder if she use chicken stock as base.
And finally, yummy in her tummy!

Take a big bite.
If you're wondering what koi fish soup tastes like, Amanda later shared in her post that her pet koi tasted just like ikan patin (silver catfish).

Amanda's 'recipe' has since gone viral on the social media site, having been shared more than 1,300 times.

If you have a pet fish, you now know what to do when it dies.

Speaking of dead fishes, check out what this Indonesian guy's dad did to his pet arowana:

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