[VIDEO] Woman's Pet Meow Interrupting TV Interview Midway Is Proof That All Cats Want Attention

All they want is your attention.

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[VIDEO] Woman's Pet Meow Interrupting TV Interview Midway Is Proof That All Cats Want Attention

'I wanna be on TV too'

Sometimes, all your pet wants is your attention.

And if they call for it, it's best you give them some - even if you're in the middle of a television interview, like this Malaysian woman.

'It's my time to shine, hooman!'

A short video clip showing a cat interrupting a woman's TV interview has gone viral on social media.

Twitter user and calligraphist @soyoulikeart shared a video of her being interviewed by a broadcast journalist when her pet black cat decided to make a guest appearance - by jumping onto the table while the camera was rolling.

'It me, mommy!'
As if the meow knows that it's its time to shine, it jumped onto the table and into the screen right at the moment its owner was relaying to the journalist about "how bored she was".

The clip was made even more entertaining when a stunned @soyoulikeart paused, looked deadpan at the camera and let out a little nervous giggle as she was unsure of what to do, before the journalist very selamba-ly removed the feline from the table.

The cute little interaction has been viewed more than 394,500 times and garnered more than 18,400 likes.
Later in the Twitter thread, @soyoulikeart kinda confirmed that her pet cat was after attention all along.

She revealed that the attention-seeking meow had been watching her the whole time she was being interviewed by the TV journalist, and finally decided that it wants its 15 minutes of fame too.

The cat's antic had netizens in stitches, many praising the kitty for being clever enough to choose the right timing to make a guest appearance:

Meows just wanna have fun

Back in May, a Filipino reporter's kitty cat also instantly became an internet sensation for video-bombing a TV interview.

Doris Bigornia was trying to interview a local businesswoman on live TV for the Philippine station DZMM when her two cats came into the picture.

About half way into the interview, her two cats named Bella Luna and Nala decided it was the best time to jump at each other just behind her shoulder.

'Don't mind us, guys'.
As Bigornia tries her very best to stay calm and continue with her interview, things quickly went south as the cats continue to claw at each other furiously, with their bells adding to the already chaotic commotion.

To her credit, Bigornia managed to stay calm during the catfight, despite nervously looking over her shoulder a few times to check out the commotion.

Keep calm and keep working.
Bigornia's daughter Nikki shared the hilarious clip on her Twitter account with the caption 'My cats have no chill', and the clip has since gone viral, with more than 2.6 million views and 66,000 'likes'.

Check out the video below:

MY CATS HAVE NO CHILL 😹😹 @DorisBigornia

— π™½πš’πš”πš”πš’ π™±πš’πšπš˜πš›πš—πš’πšŠ 𓃠 (@nikkibigornia) May 15, 2020

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