Can't Go To The Steamboat? Let The Steamboat Come To You With Coco's CNY 'Dabao' Sets

No better way to celebrate the festive joy.

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Can't Go To The Steamboat? Let The Steamboat Come To You With Coco's CNY 'Dabao' Sets
No thanks to the pandemic, the Chinese New Year celebrations will most likely be a very muted one this year.

But don't worry, you can still have a great steamboat meal with your close family members.

Let the steamboat come to you

Coco Steamboat, being one of the pioneer homegrown steamboat restaurants, has thoughtfully reflected upon the hurdle of maintaining traditions virtually and launched a web film entitled "Reunited Apart". 

You can check it out below:

Not just that, Coco Steamboat has also launched their festive special, the 'Abundant Dabao Sets’, because they firmly believe that if you can't go to the steamboat, the steamboat can come to you.

Each of their 'dabao' set features an exquisite selection of seasonal ingredients, alongside Coco Steamboat's special Pork Bone Broth base (first-of-its-kind in Malaysia).

Coco’s 'Abundant Dabao Sets' are available in three packages with a price of RM288, RM488 and RM688, which accommodate different numbers of pax accordingly.

Each set will also feature a special Chinese treat; a pack of garlic-flavoured 'ba gua' (salty-sweet dried meat) from the homegrown brand Oloiya as a value kit for customers while supporting other local businesses at the same time.

To ensure that nothing gets in the way of this long-lived reunion dinner tradition, with each purchase of the 'Abundant Dabao Set', Coco Steamboat will provide its customers with an exclusive gift of a phone stand (while stock lasts, of course).

You can have the Dabao Sets delivered to your doorstep, so check out their official website here.

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