[REVIEW] Sixty Bites Rebrands To Morbites. We Tried The Burgers To See If It's Any Different

Most of the menu is still the same, with some new additions

  • Thursday, 4 February 2021
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[REVIEW] Sixty Bites Rebrands To Morbites. We Tried The Burgers To See If It's Any Different
Neighbourhood burger joint Sixty Bites has gone through a rebranding and calls itself Morbites now.  

The offerings are still the same - juicy, yummy burgers  but there are some new offerings on the menu as well as new strategy by the company to assist in its future expansion plans. 

Morbites chief executive officer John Justin Tey, who took over Sixty Bites from the original owners in mid-2019 together with Amer Ezzadeen, said the rebranding marks a significant milestone for the company and the brand as it aims to continuously improve its fans and customer’s burger experience.

"We are still committed to delivering new innovative flavours to our customers and there will be more to come as we will craft new and bold flavours that have always been a huge part of our menu.

"We are also excited to look towards expanding in other neighbouring areas in the near future so that we will be able to serve more burger lovers,” ​he said. 

One of the new item customers, especially those who prefer vegan food, will love is the Beyond Meat Burger, which comes with homemade focaccia buns and meatless patty topped with lettuce, vegan cheese and creamy guac salsa sauce.

For chicken lovers, the  Crispy Chikin Delux is something you'd like to try. 

Besides burgers, Morbites has also introduced three smooth and creamy milkshakes to their menu: the Choco Loco, Mango Tango and Vanilla Surprise. 

Giving it a try 

Morbites sent Rojak Daily one of their most famous burgers, Taj Lamb Burger, with a side of nachos and milk shake. 

Instead of the standard burger buns, Taj Burgers are sandwiched between two slices of roti canai, giving it a local twist. 

The roti canai is not the kind you'd find in your regular kedai mamak but rather like paratas you'd find in the frozen section of the supermarkets. 

It had a soft inside and crispy layer on the outside, adding an interesting texture to the burger. 

The lamb patty itself was pretty tasty, although not as juicy as we expected considering the promotion for the burgers. 

Having said that, the patty is still better than many available out there. 

The meat was topped with grilled eggplant and creamy, slightly spicy sauce, which definitely elevated the overall taste. 

Don't expect the usual-sized burger, though. The Taj Burgers, which is also available with chicken and beef patties, are your all-day breakfast option.

The size is smaller than your usual burger although the patty is still thick, as the company promises. By smaller, we mean in terms of diameter. 

If you're a big eater, you're definitely not going to be satisfied with only one. 

When you order a burger, you can upgrade it to a set and choose between Fries with Mustard Pickled Mayo Sauce and Nachos with Beef Con Carne. 

We chose the latter and we have to say the Beef Con Carne was definitely one of the better ones we've had. The beef-y, tomato-ey taste definitely hit the right spots on our taste buds. 

Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the nachos. By the time we received the nachos, it was cold and hard. It was actually inedible and we had to just enjoy the topping minus what we expected to be crispy nachos. 

We suggest you opt for ala carte or the fries if you don't live very close to the nearest Morbites outlet to avoid disappointment. 

The set also comes with a milk shake. We ordered the Mango Tango but received the Vanilla Surprise instead. 

We were surprised to not taste Mango in the milk shake at first before the mix-up dawned on us. 

Objectively, the milk shake tasted as good as any other vanilla ones we've tasted. Chunks of biscuits at the bottom was a pleasant surprise indeed. 

The milk shake is definitely a guilty pleasure, and we weren't even going to think about all the sugar and calories in it. Just enjoy the taste and forget about "healthy-eating" for a meal! 

The verdict

While the burger itself was pretty good, we were quite disappointed with the state the nachos arrived in and the mix-up over the drink. 

We would have given Morbites a 3.5/5, but minus-ing 0.5 points for the reasons mentioned above. 
Since it's the MCO, dining in is not an option, but you can order Morbites burgers and sides from their Sunway Damansara, Damansara Perdana, TTDI or Hawker's Avenue outlets. 

You can check out the menu and get more information on Morbites here

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