For CNY, This Local Shopping Center Turned Their Mall Into Beijing's Summer Palace

So pretty.

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For CNY, This Local Shopping Center Turned Their Mall Into Beijing's Summer Palace
The COVID-19 pandemic has been proven to be quite a downer.

Not only are we not allowed to travel for the foreseeable future, festival and celebrations, like the upcoming Chinese New Year, have been put on hold.

Well, 1 Utama Shopping Center wants to take those blues away.

Feel like an emperor

The mall has decided to turn their concourse area into the Beijing Summer Palace.

The gorgeous Summer Palace will serve as an imperial backdrop for the upcoming Chinese New Year decorations at 1 Utama from 21 January to 21 Feb 2021 to offer enlightened serenity and good fortune to shoppers.

Once the regal retreat of royals, several iconic structures and gardens from the Summer Palace have been recreated at 1 Utama’s largest concourse LG Oval, each complex part rebuilt to capture different symbolic meanings, painted in auspicious red and decorated with gold lanterns.

There are a few cool decorations to check out at 1 Utama:

Golden Excessive Pavilion

Where: LG Oval
A magnificent 2-storey-tall Excessive Pavilion has been erected as a golden centrepiece, to also serve as an artistic gallery where visitors can enter to view paintings of China’s “Four Legendary Beauties” - 王昭君 Wang Zhao Jun (Han Dynasty), 杨贵妃 Yang Gui Fei (Tang Dynasty), 貂蝉 Diao Chan (Eastern Han Dynasty) and 西施 Xi Shi (Spring Autumn). Each with their own captivating tale, there will also be displays of traditional costumes each leading lady would have won in historical times. 

Long Corridor

Where: LG Oval
Representing longevity and everlasting relationship, the replica of the famous Long Corridor stretches over 190 feet in length encircling the entire Oval concourse. This intricately designed walkway is richly embellished with colourful pillared beams and ceilings depicting meaningful idioms and stories from the “Four Great Classic Novels” ('Romance of the Three Kingdoms', 'Dream of the Red Chamber', 'Journey to the West') for visitors to learn about classical Chinese literature. 

Golden Bridge & Water Lily Pond 

Where: LG Oval
From the main entrance archway to the pavilion, cross over a Golden Bridge that is surrounded by an actual Water Lily Pond. Walking across this bridge promises its traveler wealth, while Guardian Lion Statues flank the bridge to offer feng shui protection. 

Look at all the details.Be transported back in time.

Oriental Gardens

Where: LG Oval
All throughout, visitors will be able to enjoy walking through a variety of Oriental Gardens: Chrysanthemums to represent vitality and tenacity, Orchids that signify refinement and purity, Cherry Blossoms that speak of new beginnings.

Mystical Moon Gate

Where: Center Court
But that’s not all, make your way to GF Centre Court and enter the Mystical Moon Gate passageway for access to the serene Bamboo Garden that is landscaped with fresh 60-ft high bamboo trees transported from a nursery by 15 people which took many manhours to fully complete.

If you want to check out the CNY decorations for yourself, head on over to 1 Utama, because they have a lot of attractive prizes to be won and tonnes of attractive promotions for you to throw your money at.

But of course, remember to follow the SOPs and stay safe out there, guys.

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