Vagina Facials Are A Thing Ya'll, We Give You The Lowdown On Vajacials

Pampering your nether regions.

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Vagina Facials Are A Thing Ya'll, We Give You The Lowdown On Vajacials

Facials are the best. 

If you choose the right place and an accomplished beautician, it can be the most relaxing experience. 

Your face is delicately cleaned, steamed, massaged and it usually ends with a type of mask and maybe some cooling cucumbers over your eyes. 

Just relax.

Best kan

Anyway, that's a facial. 

Did you know that there is such a thing as a vagina facial or a vajacial?

When Strip: Ministry Of Waxing spoke to us about their vajacial called Rosebud Vajuvenation, we were intrigued. 

If you'd like to learn about vajacials and the Rosebud Vajuvenation treatment, read on.

What is a vajacial?

Vajacials are actually spa treatments performed on the vulva of the vagina.

It focusses on the bikini line and outer labia areas. Contrary to it's name, vajacials don't actually include parts on the inside of your vagina.

For the clueless, we've included a little diagram below. It's always good to understand your body ladies. 

Know your body.

Vajacials just like facials differ from place to place, but vajacials are generally done post-bikini wax to smooth the skin, treat discolouration and remove or prevent ingrown hairs and acne in the area.

Since Strip: Ministry Of Waxing got in touch with us about their vajacial called Rosebud Vajuvenation, we sent their trainer Eline Change a few questions about the treatment and here's what she had to say:

Q1# What is Rosebud Vajuvenation?

Rosebud Vajuvenation is a facelift for the Brazilian, or the more fun term, vajacial (a facial for the bikini / intimate area).

The treatment uses the high-performance Thermal O2 Technology to lift and firm the skin on the labia majora, so that it is plump, tight and firm, like a beautiful rosebud.

Just relax.

It is a non-invasive and non-surgical alternative to labiaplasty with zero downtime. Rosebud Vajuvenation is recommended as a post-wax or post-AFT treatment.

The treatment is also used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the vulva area and has zero downtime.

Q2# Why have a vajacial?

Here are five reasons why a little tender attention to the vulva region is as important as the treatment we give our facial skin.

● Vigorous cleansing using harsh soaps, scrubs, wipes and feminine products can dry the skin and result in fine lines and wrinkles.

● The humid air leads to moisture that causes friction between skin and undergarment, further aggravating an already sensitive area, leading to uneven skin tone.

● Hormonal changes and a drop in estrogen levels can result in the vulva skin getting less supple and less elastic.

● Like rose petals the delicate lady parts do droop and wilt. Similar to a facial that revitalises the skin on the face, a gentle vajacial (aka a “facial” for the bikini area), will perk up the intimate petals.

● Bottom line is, it is never about imperfections but everything about pampering rejuvenation, while at the same time, getting lifted, firmed and blushed as a result.

Getting blushed.

Q3# Does it hurt?

No, the treatment does not hurt. A warm sensation will be felt, similar to that of a warm stone massage. The overall experience is soothing.

Q4# Could you explain the whole process?

The treatment begins with an application of antiseptic onto the skin, followed by a thin layer of oil.

Next, the Thermal O2 applicator is rolled over the Brazilian area in a repeated motion.

Heating things up.

A warm sensation will be felt, similar to that of a warm stone massage.

After the treatment, a cooling and hydrating mask is applied to soothe the "petals" and the area around it.

Q5# Is this treatment appropriate for women of all ages?

This treatment is suitable for any lady upon reaching puberty except for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. This is only due to the body’s hormonal imbalance that may affect the results of the treatment, hence they are not advised to undergo this treatment.

Those with specific, and particularly severe, medical conditions are advised to disclose it to us as well.

Q6# What else should a person know before deciding to go ahead with this treatment?

What should you know?

The duration for the whole treatment is about 35 minutes and we recommend eight sessions done two weeks apart. Subsequently once every three months. 

There are also several other factors to consider. The answer to the following statements should be NO before you even consider the Rosebud Vajuvenation or any kind of facial. 

  • Have consumed or applied Accutane, Roaccutane, Retin A, Vitamin B or AHA within the past 6 months.

  • Have consumed prescribed anti-inflammatory or anti-coagulant medicine, or are on long-term antibiotics.

  • Have sunburned, wind-burned, dry, chapped, irritated or broken skin or any open wounds on the treatment area.

  • Have sores, warts, ulcers, moles, birthmarks on the treatment area.

  • Have had radiation treatment (such as UV Sun tanning), electrolysis or excess sunbathing within the past 6 months.

  • Having period.

  • Had a surgical procedure in the past 6 months.

  • Have given birth by natural delivery in the past 3 months or a Caesarean delivery in the past 6 months.

After undergoing the treatment, you also supposed to avoid certain things for the next 24 hours. They include hot baths, harsh chemical washes, swimming on sunbathing, tight clothing, scrubbing or rubbing of the treatment area and intensive exercise. 

You are also advised to refrain from undergoing any UV treatment lik sun beds or saunas for at least 4 weeks.

These are some factors to consider before booking that slot at Strip: Ministry of Waxing.

But are vajacials necessary? 

Just like facials, vajacials are NOT medically necessary, ladies. 

You can go your whole life without getting one and you'll be fine - 

Also like facials, vajacials are not for everyone.

Side effects for some could include experiencing redness, irritation, breakouts, scarring or even drying. 

At the end of the day, it is really up to you. 

If you think you want to pamper your nether regions a bit and perhaps address issues like ingrown hair or acne, go for it! Get in touch with Strip: Ministry of Waxing.

If you think, heeeeeeey, I love my vajayjay the way it is and I don't need a vajacial, we're in support of that decision too. 

We're just here to give you information and options. 

Hope you learnt something new!

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