Two Malaysian Cancer Survivors Give The Big C The Finger By Living Their Best Lives

They started a fashion brand to reclaim their sense of self.

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Two Malaysian Cancer Survivors Give The Big C The Finger By Living Their Best Lives
Soon and Ng

Aimee Soon (left) and Mei Ng (right) started their own fashion brand

Cancer can be devastating in many ways; the fear for one's life, the toll the disease will have on one's body and even the treatment, the loss confidence and much more. 

But humans are resilient and a perfect example of this can be seen in 'Wonder Me' fashion brand's owners Mei Ng and Aimee Soon

Ng and Soon are both cancer survivors who met during their treatment and promised to go after their dreams once they get better. And they did it too!

"Reclaiming' their looks

The effect cancer and chemotherapy had on the physical appearances were not things that Ng and Soon could accept easily. 

"Having a positive mindset helped us a lot, we were not alone experiencing several changes during and post-treatment, such as losing hair, losing weight, looking weak and so on. Our outlook changed a lot. Not easy to swallow the huge change.

"To us, it’s not an end of the world, life must go on as it was. We picked pieces we liked, accessories to match the clothes.

"It made us feel good like people out there. From there, we built and reclaimed the lost confidence gradually. Day by day," Ng told Rojak Daily

Their battle with the disease was multi-faceted but it also made them even more determined to pursue their dreams. 

Starting their own label

After a long battle with cancer, Ng and Soon started their own fashion label 'Wonder Me' in 2017, selling capsule collections ranging from casual to formal with dresses, jumpsuits, rompers, shirts, outerwear, skirts, shorts and more that exude a cheerful, confident vibe.

"Nobody wants to have cancer, but the experience had in a way forced us to be stronger and fearless in facing all kinds of hardship. With courage and confidence, there is nothing that we cannot overcome,” Soon shared.

“Through 'Wonder Me' pieces, we aspire to channel positivity and confidence to women who are fighting their own battles. Remember, you are stronger than you think,” Ng said.

The duo were no strangers to the fashion industry. They not only loved fashion but were also involved in it even before their diagnostics. 

Soon used to run a boutique with her sister, while Ng was helping her husband run his own fashion business. 

With both their backgrounds and strengths in different aspects of the business, it's no wonder that they now own their own fashion label. 

Working with local seamstresses

Ng and Soon design all the clothes in their collections with input from their trusted seamstresses. 

The duo only work with experienced, local tailors to provide the best product to their customers. 

"We employ local seamstresses to make pieces because they are experienced workers. Some have already been in this field for over 30 years.

"We appreciate their expertise and invaluable experience. They have long passed their retirement age but they still want to work to make ends meet with their own effort. They are self-reliant," Soon said. 

Ng chimed in saying that they treasure the spirit of working as a team and believe teamwork makes wonder.

"We are open-minded to their ideas as well," she said. The ideas aren't limited to just design either. Ng and Soon also accept and examine their staff's thoughts on packaging, the cut of clothes and other pertinent issues. 

Latest collection 

While the Chinese New Year celebrations are muted this year, that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself with a pretty cheong sam with a modern twist! 

'Wonder Me' recently released its 2021 Chinese New Year Collection, which "reimagines the traditional cheongsam with floral motifs alongside retro checked patterns, dyed in bright hues to channel an auspicious vibe".

Our favourite part about the collection? They come with pockets! 

Since malls are allowed to open now, you can get yourself your very own 'Wonder Me' design from the brand's stores in Bangsar Shopping Centre or its Sri Petaling branch. 

You can also get it here. You can also find them on Instagram.

Cancer diagnosis is not the end

Yes, cancer can be big and scary but it doesn't mean the end. Early detection, treatments and more is available to help you kick the disease to the curb and live your life to the fullest. 

"Be optimistic, stay calm, cool, positive, strong, and live peacefully with the disease in your body.

"Never give up easily, hang in there to fight the battle although the treatment path changes your life in many ways, some may beyond your imagination," Ng said.

Soon added that it's important to seek proper medical and treatment advise from the medical professionals.

"Life must go on during the difficult times. Face it with confident. With a right and positive attitude, it will make you stronger to manage yourself better as a fighter!" she added. 

We're so glad to see these cancer survivors not only getting better, but also striving. You go girls! 

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