CNY Photoshoot Ideas To Up Your Social Media Game This Festive Season

Huat ah!

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CNY Photoshoot Ideas To Up Your Social Media Game This Festive Season
Pose, pose, pose and post, post, post. 

That's probably the summary of how most celebrated Chinese New Year this year.

If you're still lounging at home and thinking of how to up your social media game or maybe just have a nice collection of pictures in line with the festivities, check out some of these useful tips by the experts. 

DISCLAIMER: All of them used iPhones but to the non iPhone people, you can also admire the shots and maybe be inspired too. 

Food glorious food!

All laid out.

So pretty!

That cat is so cute.

Use light from windows.

Focusing on food, Sher Reen prepared a festive spread for her loved ones to enjoy. Her tips to indoor home photography include: 
  1. Shoot in natural light where possible - ideally next to a window, in the morning when the light is soft.
  2. Take your time to frame the shot - activate the Grid function to assist.
  3. Keep your hands steady, and consider using a tripod (and self-timer) for family portraits.
  4. Take multiple shots with minor angle adjustments for ample options to choose from later. 
  5. Use the native Photos app for minor tweaks - my favourites are Exposure, Contrast, Warmth and Vertical/Horizontal Perspective Adjustment.
Shot using: iPhone 12 mini

Working with shadows and using night mode

Chatting online with friends and family.

The lights!

Ong, just head on over to me!


As an avid street photographer, Zarnizar did his first CNY-themed photo series. His tips include: 
  1. Try using the different lenses and apertures to achieve different results. Shoot photos with the Ultra-wide at 1.55mm f2.4 and Wide Angle Lens at 4.2mm f1.6.
  2. When shooting outdoors, use the Night mode setup to capture vibrant colours in low light. Night mode makes a huge difference in terms of the quality of low-light pictures. 
  3. Use the native editing features in Photos - adjust the exposure, brilliance, highlights, shadow and vibrance to your liking. 
  4. Use Lightroom to further enhance the photo, especially with colour and tones.  
Shot using: iPhone 12 mini

Fun family time

Cutie in the middle.

The cutest god ever.

Beautiful laughter.

Some fun in the sun.

In the spirit of getting creative, Louis decided to take some shots through FaceTime. Check out this link to find out how. His tips include: 
  1. Use the long exposure effect when taking a photo on FaceTime to hit a blurry double exposure. 
  2. Shoot in Portrait mode in f3.5 to achieve the natural blurry background effect. 
  3. The Ultra wide angle lens allows for more to be captured. Use the burst feature to capture multiple shots - especially those when you’re required to get into difficult positions for the right angle to ensure you get the perfect shot.
  4. Apply Vivid filter to make photos appear more vibrant.  
Shot using: iPhone 12 

Now go forth and experiment

The shots were just lovely kan?

Now, we hope you're inspired to put together your photo session at home. 

Enjoy click, click, clicking away!

Happy CNY!

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