Undeterred By The MCO, This Malaysian Couple Threw Their Wedding Luncheon At A KFC Restaurant

The show must go on, right?

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Undeterred By The MCO, This Malaysian Couple Threw Their Wedding Luncheon At A KFC Restaurant

Tak kisah janji yummy, kan?

Needless to say, the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for a lot of people, especially those who are looking to tie the knot.

Wedding dinners had to be cancelled, akad nikah ceremonies had to be postponed; the pandemic has got a lot of grooms and brides-to-be scrambling to rearrange their plans.

However, this one couple has decided to not let anything stop them from getting married.

Finger lickin' good

Hot and spicy, like the fried chicken.
A Malaysian couple from Perak has decided to go with Plan B after the movement control order (MCO) has forced restaurants around the country to close.

The bride, Nurdiana Amirah Khairil Asnizar, told Malay Mail that initially, their idea was to throw their wedding luncheon at a fancy western restaurant after their akad nikah ceremony on 11 February.

Coincidentally, it was also the second day that dining-in was allowed by the government under the current MCO.

As many restaurants are still closed or limited to just doing takeaways, Nurdiana and her husband then decided to just throw their luncheon at a nearby KFC restaurant which was open.

Finger lickin' good.
"We all decided to head there including my parents, parents-in-law and photographer.

“There weren’t many people in the restaurant, so we didn’t get many stares that day,” she told the news portal, adding that she was thankful that her photographer still managed to take beautiful photographs of her and her husband at the restaurant.

The pictures uploaded by her photographer, Angah Photog, has since gone viral on social media, having been shared over 900 times on Facebook, with many praising the couple for the simplicity of their wedding luncheon.

You can check out more photos of their one-of-a-kind wedding luncheon below:

Hey, it doesn't matter what people say, as long as you and your family had fun, even if it's at a KFC restaurant, right?

Congratulations, you two. May your marriage be hot and spicy like their fried chicken.

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