DIY: 10 Things You Can Make Using IKEA's Iconic Blue Reusable Shopping Bag

The sky is the limit.

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DIY: 10 Things You Can Make Using IKEA's Iconic Blue Reusable Shopping Bag

Get those fingers working, boys and girls.

As you've probably heard, the movement control order (MCO) has been extended yet again.

For those of you who have been spending so much time at home (like us!), you're probably running out of things to do, right?

So, why not embark on a DIY project? 

We are pretty sure you have ten of these at home.
If you've been to IKEA before, you've most likely purchased one (or six) of their iconic blue FRAKTA reusable shopping bags.

Those things are huge in size and they are extremely durable, making them a must-buy for daily use.

As they are extremely useful, tonnes of creative souls out there have been repurposing the IKEA bags into some pretty cool items.

If you have the time and you're bored, you can take some inspiration from the ideas below and who knows, you can start your own business.

#1 Face mask

We need ten of these.
Since face masks are now an essential item, it's only a matter of time before someone makes an IKEA-branded face mask. Well, someone actually did. Beijing-based designer/artist Zhijun Wang came up with a pretty cool looking face mask by repurposing the FRAKTA bag. If he's mass producing this, rest assured we'll be first in line to buy it from him.

#2 Bucket hat

Doesn't look too uncle wearing this, right?
Why settle for a normal bucket hat when you can wear one made out of the FRAKTA bag? We are pretty sure it is even more durable and more weather-proof than the usual ones. This is perfect for those evening gardening sessions.

#3 A cap

Keep the sun away.
If a bucket hat is not your thing, don't worry; you can turn the FRAKTA bag into a wearable cap as well. Just be prepared to sweat a lot because we have a feeling that the material isn't too breathable.

#4 A football jersey

We would so rock this.
Yes, you read that right: you can make a football jersey out of the FRAKTA bag, like this fashion brand Fokohaela did. They created a football jersey inspired by the colours of Argentine football club Boca Juniors back in 2017, and needless to say, it was sold out the moment it was put up on sale. So, why not create your own one-of-a-kind jersey, right? Although we have to say, we don't know how comfortable it is wearing one of these jerseys in Malaysian weather.

#5 A corset

Ooh la la!
Why spend a bomb on a Victoria's Secret corset when you can not so scretly make one out of a FRAKTA bag? We are pretty sure your man will be even more impressed because you're so good with your hands ­čśĆ

#6 A pair of thong

Sexy or nah?
Wait, on second thought, please don't make this...

#7 A pair of boots

Water resistant +1,000
Before those luxury fashion brands start making boots using shopping bags (because you know that they definitely will), you can first make one using the FRAKTA bag. Wear a pair of this to the wet market and we guarantee you'll be the coolest cat in town.

#8 A choker

A trip back to the 90s.
If you're still stuck in the 1990s, then the IKEA-branded choker could arguably be the coolest (depending on who you ask) and easiest to make fashion accessory on the list. Heck, you can even turn it into a collar for your pet doggo or catto!

#9 A camping backpack

We love how simple this looks.
Now, this one could be the hardest to make, but the cool factor is 12/10. Why become a sheeple by purchasing Nike backpacks when you can roll up to your next hike/camping trip in your one-and-only IKEA-branded backpack? Those envious eyes on your backpack, we tell you.

#10 A purse

Don't buy, make!
Your wife/GF/side chick has been eyeing that Prada handbag? Say no to commercialization and make this cute purse for her instead! Who knows, you'll get extra brownie points for your effort and at night, she will reward you with...

....a slice of Daim cake. Yum!

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