[REVIEW] We Tried The Meatless 'Zero Chicken Burger' By KFC And We Were Surprised


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[REVIEW] We Tried The Meatless 'Zero Chicken Burger' By KFC And We Were Surprised
As an omnivore who has a steep inclination towards my carnivorous side, this writer just screwed up her face reading about KFC's all-new Zero Chicken burger. 

Hi there, I'm the all new Zero Chicken Burger.

The press release by the company explained that the burger was a "plant-based and meatless burger that packs all the wonderful goodness of Colonel's secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices."

Immediate thoughts: "What exactly is "plant-based"? Slightly suspicious. I'm pretty sure it's going to taste weird."

KFC then explained that the burger was also neither vegan nor vegetarian as "it is freshly prepared sharing the same cooking equipment as other KFC products" and was put together in collaboration with UK-based meat substitute brand Quorn.

What exactly is Quorn's meat substitute, you ask? 

We Googled "what is Quorn made out of?" and here's the answer we got: 

"Quorn is a brand that uses a meat substitute called mycoprotein, derived from a natural fungus. The fungus is fermented in order to grow the mycoprotein, which is then made into various Quorn products."


Made from fungal proteins.

The taste test

Whatever it is, the best way to understand what a "meatless burger" tastes like is to try it for ourselves. 

Keeping in mind all the bad/disappointing experiences we've had eating soy based "meat" and going "that's not meat!", we actually set the bar quite low when ordering the Zero Chicken burger. 

Once the delivery arrived, we opened the box and the first impression wasn't too bad. 

The burger looked fine but the patty was slightly weird-looking because it was an oblong shape (it's supposed to be round). 

Looks good so far.

A strange-shaped patty.

After taking a bite, this writer was pleasantly surprised.

No strange flavour, the texture was spot-on and the "meat" definitely smelt and tasted like, well, meat!

Would we say it's the best burger we've ever had? Naaaaah!

The patty is similar to what you would get at most fast food outlets. It basically tastes like a huge chicken nugget.

The texture is pretty spot-on.

As for the rest of the burger, it tasted familiar. 

The bun, the cheese, the mayo, the vegetables - they were all pretty standard items that you'd taste when digging into most burgers at KFC.

No BBQ sauce.

Unfortunately, the outlet this writer ordered her Zero Chicken burger from forgot to add the BBQ sauce on the patty. 

A lot of people were raving about this sauce so that part was slightly disappointing.

It's supposed to add a spicy, tangy, sweet, smokey flavour. 

Final verdict

So, should you give this burger a try? 

Heck yeah!

It smells like chicken, tastes like chicken and it's supposed to be a healthier option (although we're not quite sure how healthy lah). 

KFC says it is "high in protein, high in fiber, low in saturated fat, and contains no cholesterol."

Sounds healthier than most burgers and honestly, it's not bad at all for a meatless burger.


Costing RM12.99 (a la carte) we're giving this burger a rating of 3/5 mainly because we were deprived of the BBQ sauce.

Try it and let us know what you think.

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