M'sians Share Hilarious Conversations With Our Abang Polis At Roadblocks


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M'sians Share Hilarious Conversations With Our Abang Polis At Roadblocks
Having to be stationed hours at a time at roadblocks due to COVID-19 travel restrictions must not be fun for our Abang Polis. 

Repetitively asking questions like : 'Pergi mana? Ke mana? Ada surat tak?' (Where to? Headed to? Do you have a permission letter to travel?) must get quite boring. 

This is probably why some Abang Polis have resorted to spicing up the banter with jokes, funny statements and questions or statements that make us go "huh?".

Twitter user @syafiquzair shared his hillarious exchange with one Abang Polis that left him dumbfounded.

Twitter users were pretty tickled by the exchange and soon many (over a thousand comments) replied to the tweet with their own roadblock conversations as well.

Read through some of our favourite stories below:

The straight faced freak out


Cooking vs eating out


Dead or alive?

The service provider prankster


Where the goats at?

The WhatsApp joke

The opportunist

The blur blob

The car enthusiast

Abang-abang polis just wanted to have some fun.
The dad joke

The problematic patient

The smooth operator

The serious joker

The wordsmith

The opportunist strikes again

Abang Polis, oh, Abang Polis!

Knock, knock!
Most of the conversations either made us laugh our loud or made us go 😑. 

Have you had interesting interactions with the cops when passing roadblocks? 

Share your experience with us in the comments section.

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