Elderly Japanese Man Continues Searching For Wife Who Went Missing During Japan's 2011 Tsunami

Such an inspiring story.

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Elderly Japanese Man Continues Searching For Wife Who Went Missing During Japan's 2011 Tsunami

A love that never dies.

You know the saying, 'Till death do us apart'?

It may seem like just a term used in romantic movies to make you go 'aww', but one Japanese man truly believed in the saying.

Love for wife is still strong

Ten years after Japan was hit by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and a subsequent tsunami that claimed 15,848 lives, those affected by the natural disaster are slowly picking up the pieces and moving on with their lives.

However, an elderly Japanese man by the name of Yasuo Takamatsu has been going on dives every week in search of his wife who went missing when the tsunami hit the small town of Onagawa, located in the Miyagi prefecture. 

According to Associated Press, the 64-year-old man had been searching for his wife Yuko on land for the first two years after the tragedy.

He will never stop searching.
In 2013, Yasuo got his diving license and since then, he's been diving to continue the search for his wife underwater.

"I dive as if I'm going to meet her someplace," he was quoted by the news agency as saying.

He told AP that he will continue searching for his wife "as long as (his) body moves" as it was her wish to go home.

“I’m sure she still wants to come home,” he added.

Not giving up until he finds his wife.
The last message Yasuo reportedly received from his wife was: "Are you okay? I want to go home."

Yasuo told BBC in a seperate interview that he eventually managed to retrieve Yuko's handphone, and he saw an undelivered message that read: "The tsunami is disastrous."

He said that it was "depressing" to not do anything while staying alive, so on top of searching for his wife, Yasuo has dedicated his life to joining regular searches to look for the remains of those who've gone missing since the tsunami.

We pray that Yasuo will one day be able to bring his wife home, because true love never dies, right?

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