Tired Of Zoom Meetings? There's An Extension That Gives You "Legit" Reasons To Get Out

Some meetings should just be an email.

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Tired Of Zoom Meetings? There's An Extension That Gives You

Self-sabotage your calls

Another Zoom meeting? Why can't people just send out emails? 

If you're one of the people who have "Zoom fatigue" thanks to the pandemic, you'll be delighted to learn about 'Zoom Escape', an extension that allows you to leave a meeting for seemingly legit reasons. 

Create sounds that allows you to escape

You're not always needed in every Zoom meeting you're invited to. Sometimes you're just there, when you could be doing something more productive - like your actual work. 

This is when 'Zoom Escaper' comes to the rescue! 

The tool, created by artist and educator Sam Lavigne, creates such annoying sounds that others in the call would want you to leave. 

It's pretty simple to install and you can even add your own sounds if you're not convinced by what's on offer.

We tested some of the sounds and found echo, bad connection, upset baby and construction are probably the most convincing ones that you can use to miss an entire meeting. 

Wind, urination, dogs and man weeping may work if you just need a break but we're not sure it will be a great option for a long meeting. 

The good news is, you probably know your colleagues, clients, family or whoever else you're engaging with better so you can just upload sounds that you think would irritate them most to get away from a video call. 

If these doesn't work and you just want to quit Zoom forever (hopefully not risking your job and relationships in the process), you can also install 'Zoom Deleter'. 
Another gem by the same creator
The tool functions exactly as the name suggests: it finds and deletes any Zoom files from your computer so the app is gone forever and can never reappear. 

If you do try the apps, let us know which sounds worked for you!

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