[PHOTOS] The Filipinos Prove That They Are The Masters At Taking 'Proof Of Delivery' Photos


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[PHOTOS] The Filipinos Prove That They Are The Masters At Taking 'Proof Of Delivery' Photos
GMA News & Facebook/Asians

Strut it like you own it!

Malaysians love online shopping, so we should all be familiar with the whole 'kejap ya, nak ambil gambar!' thing.

But when it comes to 'proof of delivery' pictures, no one does it better than the Filipinos - and we have the pictures to prove it!

Nothing is too extra for them

Some parcel receivers in the Philippines have decided to bring some pizzaz to the otherwise boring process.

Photos of their over-the-top 'proof of delivery' snapshots have gone viral on social media.

We have the 'quick, strike me a pose' photos:

'Wanna be on top?'
This should do the trick.
Now, that's how you pose for a photo.
Not too glam for delivery.

Taking it up another notch

If you think those people were extra, wait 'till you meet those who took 'proof of delivery' photos to yet another level.

Take a look at this one:

Nope, not extra at all.
According to this report by GMA News Online, a Filipino shopper who goes by the name of Joyceeh Epino went to great lenghts to have a backdrop made for her 'proof of delivery' photoshoots.

Epino told the news portal that she feels frustrated every time the delivery guy calls her name, because of how "unprepared" she looks for her 'proof of delivery' photo.

Hence, she decided to have a backdrop with the words 'I've received it' in Tagalog made so that every time a delivery man drops off a package, she gets to have a mini photoshoot. 

Delivery day = photoshoot day.
A Filipino beauty influencer by the name of Michelle Fox also decided to glam it up for the delivery man.

According to Tripzilla, photos of her strutting her stuff -- along with her parcel, of course -- for the delivery man have gone viral on social media, having been shared more than 48,000 times on Facebook.

Not today, bad hair day.
Meanwhile, another shopper named John Carlo Ison also created quite a buzz on social media when the 'proof of delivery' photos of him holding a Zalora package also went viral online.

"I look strange every time I receive a delivery. But today, I didn’t let that happen! When I got a text that I had a new delivery, I made sure to prepare this time around," he was quoted by Tripzilla as saying.

Guys, now that we know what our neighbours are capable, it is time for us to show them how great we Malaysians are at taking 'proof of delivery' photos!

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