Malaysians Are Going Crazy For The Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino, So We Decided To Try It

Nice or not?

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Malaysians Are Going Crazy For The Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino, So We Decided To Try It
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Why semua tak sama...

Starbucks Malaysia recently launched a new drink that’s pretty apt with the season in Malaysia right now, since there are a lot of ‘sakura’ trees blooming beautifully in several states.
The drink, named ‘Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino’, sent fans into a berry bliss with many flocking to their nearest Starbucks outlets to get a drink for themselves.

Sweet strawberry dreams

Looks dreamy!
What’s inside the drink, you ask? According to Starbucks, it is “an irresistible blend of ice, milk and real strawberry chunks, layered with a splash of strawberry sauce, vanilla whipped cream and white chocolate pink petal topping.”
Each drink is priced at RM20.15 for grande and RM21.20 for venti.
So, could the drink live up to its hype on social media? We decided to try it ourselves.
Upon the first sip, we weren’t too sure what it tasted like. It was just confusing, like is it good, what is this taste? But after a few sips, we can confirm that it didn’t live up to our expectations.
In our opinion, it tastes just like normal bland milk with a hint of strawberry flavouring, but if you drink it from the bottom, then you could taste the actual strawberries. Drink wise, it was rather meh and we give it a rating of 5/10.

And a quick check on Twitter shows the inconsistency of the drink from different outlets. We guess it depends on the barista who made it?
We also saw a tip on Twitter on how to make this drink tastes better - by using coconut milk instead and requesting for the strawberries that were initially placed at the bottom of the cup to be blended together with the milk.
The result? Our second cup tasted much better and much more significant, as it tasted like strawberry milk with smooth strawberry chunks.

When we added coconut milk into our cup of Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frappuccino, we bump the score up to 8/10.
So if you like a strong, strawberry taste to your drink, we recommend blending the strawberries together.
Have you tried the ‘Sakura Blossom Strawberry Frapuccino’? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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