New Year, New Look: Pringles Kickstarts 2021 With A Little Makeover

New design, who dis?

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New Year, New Look: Pringles Kickstarts 2021 With A Little Makeover
Who doesn't like a good makeover, right? One chop of the hair and you'll feel like an entirely different person.

One invidual also got a makeover, but he's not really a person per se.

Check out his new face

Mr. P, the official 'mascot' of potato chips brand Pringles, has had a glow up!

While he didn’t cut bangs or grow a beard, the iconic Mr. P has been given a revamp in a bald new direction.

The new Mr. P now has less hair and more style. His brows, even more expressive, are now out and proud over twinkling eyes. That signature mustache is sleeker and more dynamic, with his bowtie as crisp as ever. 

Despite changing his looks, some things remain the same, such as the unique Pringles snacking experience.

You'll still get the same inventive flavours that we all know and love; still taste the way we remember, just in a brand-new can with bold colours and a cleaner design.

“We spent the last two years experimenting with Mr. P’s style, Pringles has created this fresh, bold and modern look that is anything but subtle”, said Bose Sanjib, Marketing Director of Kellogg’s South East Asia.

The new Pringles look will begin to make its way across all shelves and online in Original, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy, Cheesy Cheese and many more mind popping flavours in 147g and 107g Sharing Packs and 36g On-The-Go Packs

For more information, follow PringlesMalaysia on Facebook and on Instagram.

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