Netizens Furious With Local Fashion Designer For Allegedly Flouting SOPs During Fashion Show

No masks, no social distancing?

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Netizens Furious With Local Fashion Designer For Allegedly Flouting SOPs During Fashion Show Instagram


The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over and although the government has relaxed some activities for Malaysians, there are still some who are taking it for granted.
Recently, local fashion designer Leeyanarahman held a fashion show for her Hari Raya collection but instead of sparking joy, she sparked anger among netizens.
Apparently, photos from the event clearly show that many guests were not abiding by the SOPs, such as wearing a facemask or practising social distancing.

Marketing strategy to go viral?

There were a lot of guests who weren't wearing facemasks.
What’s even more shocking is that one of the co-founders of the label admitted that no SOPs were practised during the event in a video clip.
They even joked that there would be a ‘Leeyanarahman Glorious Raya’ cluster following their non-compliance fashion show.
This enraged netizens even more, saying that they were very irresponsible to hold such event and even had the audacity to blatantly say that there were no SOPs.
Some even claimed that this was a cheap marketing tactic to gain more publicity.
However, the brand’s founder, Yaana Lee, have responded to the allegations and refuted claims that they did not practice the SOPs.

She said they have taken strict measures to ensure compliance by reducing the hall’s capacity, providing facemasks, making sure that guests have scanned the MySejahtera app and had their temperatures taken.
However, she admitted that a lot of guests took off their facemasks right after they entered the hall to take pictures.
She then apologised for being negligent despite all the preventive steps taken.
We hope everyone can take this as a lesson and always be vigilant as our war against COVID-19 is far from over.

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