University Lecturer In China Becomes Internet Sensation For Looking A Lot Like BLACKPINK's Lisa

Same same, but different.

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University Lecturer In China Becomes Internet Sensation For Looking A Lot Like BLACKPINK's Lisa

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There's an old urban legend that says that you have seven other people in the world who look exactly just like you.

While this urban legend may be hard to prove, but one university lecturer in China did indeed prove that there's some truth to the myth.

Lisa, is that you?

The lecturer has become an overnight social media sensation for her uncanny resemblance to BLACKPINK's Lisa.

Check out this picture of her and tell us you didn't do a double take:

Lisa, is that you?
And here's a picture of Lisa, whose real name is Lalisa Manoban, in case you forgot how she looks like:

This is the real Lisa.
According to CNA, the lecturer known only as Miss Tang teaches History at the Chongqing College of Mobile Telecommunications.

She quickly gained fame online when her students shared her pictures on Weibo, and a lot of netizens agreed that Miss Tang is a complete doppelgänger of the 24-year-old Thailand-born K-pop superstar.

Her sudden claim to fame reportedly saw students at the university lining up just to score a seat in one of her classes.

In fact, those who are not in her class would reportedly resort to standing outside of her classroom just to catch a glimpse of Miss Tang.

Maybe Lisa also has to #DuaKerja?
While many would jump at the chance to cash in on their sudden popularity, Miss Tang didn't want any of that.

She told a Chinese media quoted by entertainment portal Kpopstarz that she's a very low-key person and she was surprised by the sudden interest in her life after her photos went viral.

"I didn’t expect that the pictures would go viral,” she wrote on Weibo.

Leave her alone, please.
According to Kpopstarz, Miss Tang has reportedly asked her friends to refrain from sharing any of her private information online, which is a smart move because who knows how crazy it will get, right?

We have a feeling that Miss Tang's history classes will have the best attendance rate ever.

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