Yup, Mee Goreng-Flavoured Condoms Inspired By Indomie Now Exist

Just what we wanted?

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Yup, Mee Goreng-Flavoured Condoms Inspired By Indomie Now Exist

This is making us hungry.

Just like how we Malaysians love our nasi lemak or Milo, Indonesians love their Indomie mee goreng.

And just like how we Malaysians love to put our nasi lemak flavours on a wide variety of things, Indonesians love to put their mee goreng flavours on a lot of things too.

Even condoms. 

Umm, yummy?

Whatever rocks your boat.
An Indomie-inspired mee goreng-flavoured brand of condoms have found their way to the bedroom, courtesy of Indonesian condom makers Fiesta.

Fiesta recently launched the condoms via their social media pages on Sunday (28 March), much to the amusement of netizens.

The brand shared photos of the item’s packaging, which, if you're fan of Indomie, can instantly tell that it was heavily inspired by the instant noodles brand.

And yes, they even thought of a catchy caption: “One is not enough, two is still insufficient.”


“Discover the sensation of love-making with the distinct taste of Indonesian spices,” Fiesta wrote on one of its promotional images.

While many netizens joked about the mee goreng-flavoured condoms, Fiesta had the last laugh as the condoms were snatched off their official store on Shopee almost as soon as they were launched.

A pack of the mee goreng-flavoured condoms retailed for 5,000 rupiahs (RM1.43).

If you plan on getting your hands on a box, you might have to wait a while because it is currently sold out on the platform.

On a seperate note, is anyone else craving for some Indomie at the moment, or is it just us?

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