Malaysian Man Surprises Wife With 1.8m-Tall Cash Bouquet Worth RM50,000, Netizens In Awe

That's a lot of money.

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Malaysian Man Surprises Wife With 1.8m-Tall Cash Bouquet Worth RM50,000, Netizens In Awe

We are pretty sure the wife was surprised.

We don't know when it became a thing, but sending cash bouquets are apparently the in thing to do now.

We've seen plenty of people trying to outdo each other with their bouquets:

However, this recent one is arguably the craziest one we've seen yet.

A huge surprise for a wife

A Terengganu florist by the name of Safiyah Alias recently received a request from a customer to create a bouquet made out of ringgit notes amounting to RM50,000!

That's an insane amount of money, and the result shows as the 30-year-old’s creation has since gone viral on social media after she posted a video clip on TikTok.

According to a report by Harian Metro, the sales assistant at the flower shop said the customer, 56-year-old Wan Baha Uddin Wan Jaafar wanted to surprise his wife Ermy Shafilah Othman, 41, with the bouquet.

We are willing to bet that Mr Wan Baha accomplished that mission.

a-z jage 😁##byjemaricikyah

♬ original sound - Rich Girlish

Safiyah told the Malay portal that she started putting together the bouquet a day before the surprise, and she took a whopping 17 hours to perfect it.

“I started making it last Friday from 11am until 3.30am the next day.

“My nieces and nephews helped fold the banknotes and I did the rest of it including the arrangement, wrapping and final touches.

“I didn’t move and only took breaks to eat, pray and use the bathroom because the job required attention to detail so that the 182cm-tall bouquet could be completed,” she was quoted as saying.

The job is not as easy as it seems, as Safiyah also had to exercise extra caution such as using sticky tape instead of staples to join each ‘flower’ to avoid making holes in the banknotes.

My my, what a mighty surprise.
She also had to refrain from uploading videos and images of the bouquet before it was delivered for, you know, safety purposes.

However, when she did share her work, it blew up on TikTok as the clip has been viewed over 1.9 million views.

“I uploaded the video to share my work not to promote the business – I didn’t expect so many views and praises," she was further quoted as saying.

Thank you, Mr Wan Baha, for setting the bar so high for us men.

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