Lee Chong Wei Tries To Explain What Is Fasting About To His Son, Netizens Impressed

Good job, king!

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Lee Chong Wei Tries To Explain What Is Fasting About To His Son, Netizens Impressed
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LCW's Bahasa Malaysia is very impressive!

Ramadan has arrived and this is the holy month where Muslims observe fasting.
As we live in a multi-racial country, most of us have already understood the concept of fasting, but for some, especially the younger generation, there’s a lot more to learn.
Dato Lee Chong Wei recently attempted to explain what fasting is to his son, Kingston, after he came back from school one day.

“We should to tolerate and respect each other”

"Papa, I ada soalan nak tanya" ditanya anak saya dalam perjalanan dari sekolah tadi. "Tadi masa waktu rehat, saya...

Posted by Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟 on Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Malaysia’s King of Badminton penned down the story on his social media pages and impressed netizens.
Kingston asked the 38-year-old why did two of his Malay friends refused to eat the food he wanted to share at school earlier on, and his teacher also requested him to eat somewhere else as a Mark of respect to his friends.
He explained that it was not his fault and his friends have started fasting.
“Your teachers asked you to do that as a sign of respect to your friends. So you must also tell your other Chinese and Indian friends to give support to your Malay friends who are fasting. We should tolerate and respect each other,” Chong Wei said.

However, his son retaliated and said why should he tolerate and it’s his business to eat while others fast.
What comes next made netizens laugh.
“Before I could say anything, Wong Mew Choo’s hands smacked Kingston’s hand. I knew she could also smash well, but her hands are really fast this time,” LCW wrote, referring to his wife’s badminton skills.
After giving an example on the importance of tolerance, his son finally understood and says he wanted to be good friends with his two Malay friends, Amli and Syihan.
The Olympic medallist then wished Malaysians who were fasting and ended it with a pantun.

Netizens praised the former national shuttler for his ability to explain the matter to his son so eloquently.
Others enjoyed his humour and felt inspired with the way he educates his children.
Well done, Lee Chong Wei!

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